When are you required to hire a confined space rescue team

When are you required to hire a confined space rescue team?

Construction sites can often be a dangerous work environment. That is why rules and guidelines have been written to protect worker safety best, and it is up to the employers to follow those guidelines.

Confined space emergencies are a frequent occurrence in a construction site. Unfortunately, often, the people present don’t know what to do during those emergencies, save for calling 911. Believe it or not, many government emergency departments don’t have the tools or training to handle construction-related confined spaces rescue procedures.

That is why OSHA has developed rules and guidelines for when to hire a Confined Space Rescue team. Continue reading the article below to learn more.

What Is a Confined Space Rescue Team?

When planning at a construction site, there will be occasions where your workers will be required to enter a confined space such as a sewer or tunnel. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and sometimes workers get trapped or injured in those confined spaces. In these instances, a confined rescue team steps in.

A confined rescue team is a specialized independent team trained to provide rescue services for people in a confined space. A Confined space rescue team has the training to identify hazards associated with an accident and create an effective rescue plan. They can retrieve unresponsive or immobile persons from confined spaces using harnesses and other gear they are specialized in.

During an on-site accident involving confined spaces, monitoring the limited space’s closed-off atmosphere and air quality is a top priority. Confined space rescue teams are well trained in monitoring the air quality and providing ventilation and oxygen for trapped workers. As well as being able to provide necessary first aid such as CPR and other standard emergency medical practices.

Additionally, a Confined space rescue team provides training services to your workers to know exactly what to do in an emergency. This training includes cpr certifcate and other basic first aid procedures, rope rigging procedures and patient care, atmosphere monitoring, air ventilation practices, etc.

What Are The OSHA Requirements For a Confined Space Rescue Team?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, is responsible for setting rules and guidelines for safe working conditions. Construction sites that don’t follow their rules can be subjected to heavy fines, so it is essential to understand their rules on confined spaces and when it is required to have a confined space rescue team on site.

According to OSHA, a defined space is defined as a space large enough for one or more employees, has limited access points, and is not built with long-term stays in mind. A permit requiring confined space meets all the criteria above and has a danger of hazardous materials in the atmosphere. In those cases, OSHA requires employers to have a written plan for employee safety, and that usually comes with a Confined Space Rescue team.

A Confined Space Rescue Team Can Give You Peace of Mind

Being prepared in case of an on-site emergency is a priority for an employer. Hiring a Confined Space Recuse team can protect you from OSHA violations and give you peace of mind knowing your workers are safer.

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