Working Below Deck: Advice For Starting In The Yacht Industry

Many people aspire to work on a superyacht, and this is for very good reason. There are numerous benefits to this type of work, including the ability to see the world, make and save money, and enjoy a good social life. The industry has also been popularised in recent times by the popular reality TV show Below Deck, which means that many people are now entering this industry. Therefore, it is helpful to be aware of a few tips for anyone thinking about getting started in this industry so that you can find success and really make the most out of this amazing opportunity.

Work On Your Soft Skills

To succeed in this industry, you need to have soft skills, and it is vital that you have these. While some people seem to naturally possess many of these skills, you will find that you can improve soft skills with research, practice, and often training courses. A few of the soft skills that you will need to work on a superyacht include:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Work ethic
  • Problem-solving
  • Organization
  • Time-management

Make Your Resume Stand Out

The yacht industry is becoming increasingly competitive, which means that it can be harder to get a job these days, particularly when it comes to entry-level positions. Therefore, you must find a way to make your resume stand out from the crowd. It still needs to be concise and easy to read as you make your skills and strengths clear in a unique manner.

Take A Deckhand Training Course

For those looking for their first job on a yacht, you will find a deckhand training course to be the best. This will develop all the skills you need to get started on a yacht, and it will be a qualification essential for finding work. This can also be a rewarding role and can springboard your career to other opportunities if you excel, and once you have this qualification, you are one step closer.

Be A People Person

If you are to succeed in this industry, then you need to be a people person. You will be spending practically all of your time surrounded by people, so it is important that you get along with people and know how to build and maintain relationships. You will be living in close quarters, and this needs to be something that you are prepared for before your first job on a yacht. If you aren’t much of a people person or don’t know how to let this personality shine through, there are things you can do. For instance, you need to learn how to act enthusiastically even if you are not feeling it and how to develop a poker face. You can find tips online for all the aspects a people person possesses.

Learn From Others

You will also find that your first job is a learning experience. It is helpful to try to learn as much as you can from those with more experience, whether this is asking them for advice/mentorship or simply observing them. It can take some getting used to, but once you know how to work efficiently onboard and make the most out of the experience, then you can reap the benefits.

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