Top Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Sea Freight Services

If you are expanding your business which includes transporting your goods to various parts of the world, you may be wondering which shipping option would be most advantageous to your venture. Given that you intend to distribute your products internationally, you will ultimately have to choose between air freight and Sea Freight Services.

While air freight service has its benefits, it is essential to note that people had been trading and transporting raw materials and commodities by sea since time immemorial. In actuality, 90% of products and goods all over the world are still transported via ocean freight shipping.

Benefits of Sea Freight Services:

Here are some of the reasons why many large companies rely on Sea Freight Services and why your business should follow suit:

Less Costly

Using ocean freight services is generally less expensive than air transport, especially if you are shipping over long distances, and your shipment is large and heavy. Note that air carriers charge based on the weight and size of the cargo. Imagine how much it will cost your company if you are shipping goods in bulk containers through air freight service.

Shipping cost is one of the most critical factors you must consider in deciding the mode of transport since it can significantly impact your business. If you choose sea freight shipping, you can considerably save on transport costs. The savings will allow you to market your products at more competitive rates, which can then lead to more sales.

More Flexible

Sea freight companies can accommodate all your shipping needs regardless of size, nature, or quantity. If you have small shipments that cannot fill a container, shipping firms have a system that allows you to share the space of the shipping container with other clients. This cost-sharing option can help you to bring down your transportation costs further.

Should your business grow in the future, and you start shipping additional containers to more global destinations, you do not have to change your shipping partner. A single ship can carry thousands of shipping containers filled with goods and merchandise per trip.

Sea vessels can transport more types of goods, regardless of size, weight, and dimensions, than air freight carriers. Mainly, sea freight companies can provide any service that your business may need at any given time at reasonable costs.

More Earth-Friendly

Companies are expected to implement strategies that will help the environment to remain competitive in the modern market. The number of consumers who choose to patronize brands that care about protecting the environment is steadily increasing. If you want your business to send this consumer-enticing message, choosing sea freight over air freight services is non-negotiable.

Aircraft carriers emit significantly large amounts of carbon dioxide, which means a larger carbon footprint than sea freight transport vessels. The volume of greenhouse gases emitted by ships is minuscule compared to aircraft and other modes of transportation. Note that carbon footprint results in the depletion of natural resources and climate change.

The items mentioned above are just some of the main reasons why relying on sea freight shipping can benefit your business. Since you are embarking on your first exporting journey, it is best to trust a mode of transport that has been proven to get the job done for centuries. Make sure to partner with a reputable shipping company to experience all the advantages that sea transport has to offer.

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