Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating Presentations on PowerPoint

PowerPoint is considered among the most popular presentation design tools. It is a component of Microsoft Office software and can be used for individual, commercial, and educational purposes. PowerPoint has dominated the presentation game because of its features and ease of use.

From novice to experienced speakers, this tool lets you create your presentations by combining text, graphics, video, audio, and data tables. There are several animations and transitions available to assist you in presenting the presentation in the manner you choose.

Let’s start with the advantage that PowerPoint offers to its users!

Advantages of Creating Presentations on PowerPoint

Consider the following advantages of utilizing PowerPoint software while creating a presentation:

1. You can Use It Virtually Anywhere

Put your presentation on a USB flash drive or in any cloud storage tool, and you’ll always have access to your PowerPoint presentation. It is also included in normal professional settings so that you may view your presentation from anywhere with your user license.

2. Collaborative Solution

Working from home has become the standard. Tools that allow you to collaborate with your team even if you are in different places are in great demand.

PowerPoint responded to this circumstance, and with its online cloud storage, you may now work on presentations concurrently or the same presentation without transferring them to each other.

3. You are Free to Create your design or Use Existing Ones

With PowerPoint, you can customize your presentation using your design. So the features provided by this software are simple to use and experiment with, and you can design the ideal presentation for yourself.

There are also templates included in the software for aesthetically attractive presentations and those looking for a fast and pleasant design. Furthermore, PowerPoint will provide you with design options based on the photos and objects you select to use in your presentations. Explore attractive PowerPoint presentation templates to enhance the visual appeal and efficiency of your slides.

If you’re also bored with those basic presentation themes and templates that PowerPoint offers, you must try some amazing themes by SlideUpLift. Their collection of PowerPoint and Google Slides themes are 100% customizable to fulfill your unique needs!

If you personalize the slides, the Master Slide will assist you in setting the fonts, graphics (logos), and other preferences for all of the slides. The top slide in the thumbnail panes on the left side of the window is the master slide.

4. Multiple Applications

PowerPoint is a versatile and insightful presentation tool. This is due to the fact that this software is not only useful for presentations (though it is best known for them), but also for other forms of material such as brochures, advertisements, gifs, videos, and CVs. For customers, you can also make PowerPoint infographics, social media postings, and presentations.

5. Allows Export in Different Formats

PowerPoint allows you to export your material in formats other than .pptx. We already discussed the many forms of material that can be created using this software. It provides many options for storing your work for each sort of material.

Presentations can also be saved in.pdf format, which reduces their size. Videos can be exported as mp4, and gifs can be saved as animated gifs. Of course, you can also save a slide as a.png or.jpg file.

6. Enables You To Effectively Communicate With Your Audience

PowerPoint is often utilized for presenting to a bigger audience since it is simpler to project. Choose your communication style: photos, text, or videos, all of which can be readily incorporated into PowerPoint.

SlideUpLift has an enormous range of professionally designed PowerPoint Templates to help build stunning presentations.

7. Allows You to Insert Multimedia Formats

PowerPoint relies heavily on visuals. Images and videos can help you express your topic more clearly and engagingly in any presentation. For the desired effect, you can utilize some simple noises or enter your audio. 

8. Accessible for Every Type of User

Most employees/staff already have a Microsoft license on their work PCs, which includes PowerPoint. Furthermore, colleges obtain the suite so that students and professors may reach out and utilize it.

Disadvantages of Creating Presentations on PowerPoint

While PowerPoint has numerous advantages for personal, educational, and professional usage, bear the following downsides in mind:

1. Risk of Technical Glitches

It can happen at any moment, and there are several aspects to consider while preparing to present using PowerPoint. Your computer may fail to start, get an update just before you begin, or lose power in the middle of the presentation.

There is always a connection problem whether you use HDMI, VGA, or an adapter. PowerPoint also contains certain unique adaptations for your machine, such as fonts or videos, and if you do not embed them or place them in a folder with the presentation, they will not operate on someone else’s computer.

2. Abundance of Features Makes You Feel Overwhelmed

It’s really simple to become lost in all the settings after you’ve installed the software. How much text is excessive? Are there enough photos? What font should I use? How many fonts should I use? You will lose sight of the presentation’s aim if you include too many items.

3. Potential cost

While Microsoft provides a free basic version of PowerPoint online, if you want to utilize the desktop and mobile applications and obtain access to all capabilities, you will most likely need to pay for an annual membership. The cost is determined by whether you need a home or business edition of Microsoft Office and the number of users.

4. Lack of Flexibility During Slideshow

You can’t simply make adjustments or comment on any slides during a slide show after it’s started. Instead, you have control over how many slides are shown and when the presentation ends. As a result, you must guarantee that your presentation is ready to go ahead of time.

5. Changes Do Not Get Saved Automatically

One drawback of this software is that changes are not automatically saved, and you must click Ctrl + S every time you wish to save changes. If your computer is shut off for any reason, the unsaved modifications will be lost, and your hard work will be lost.

Wrapping It Up

The benefits and drawbacks of PowerPoint presentations demonstrate that with good design, any message can be improved for people attending the event. Without it, the presentation may do more damage than good to the story.

Do you make presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint? What useful tips do you have for improving the presentation-creation process?

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