Why Do Some Make Money and Others Lose Lado Okhotnikov Knows the Answer

Why Do Some Make Money and Others Lose? Lado Okhotnikov Knows the Answer

If you were told that you would become successful, you would have a good income, but before that you were asked to leave your comfort zone: quit your job you don’t like, stop worrying about all sorts of little things, maybe even change your environment. What would you do? Vladimir aka Lado Okhotnikov knows what you will reply and therefore he has a simple solution for you.

Lado, with his passion for entrepreneurship and desire for development, created a successful business that became the cornerstone for him. His expertise in cryptocurrency has helped many achieve success.

Vladimir Okhotnikov can easily be called a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies. Lado is the owner and CEO of Meta Force (and CEO of Forsage in the past). This person was one of the first to understand what blockchain is and understand how smart contracts work. Therefore, his story is a reflection of courage that gives hope that decentralized finance will defeat the traditional banking system.

This happens to everyone and you are no exception. Vladimir Okhotnikov about changes

Are you sitting in the office with piles of papers around you? Or maybe you’re on the road all day? Your job brings in a stable but not particularly impressive income. You are tired of routine, dissatisfied with the current state of affairs and perhaps dreaming of something better. And then one day you are given a chance – a chance for change.

Lado Okhotnikov, founder of Meta Force: “Change requires certain sacrifices. You may have to say goodbye to your current job, which, although not ideal, brings money. We will have to give up our usual way of life, take risks, reconsider priorities and, perhaps, start anew.”

Is it worth the risk? The desire to earn more is a powerful driver. But, of course, every step outside your comfort zone is fraught with danger. And let’s remember: successful people are often willing to take risks, they take responsibility for their future and are not afraid to change the situation.


The Bitcoin whitepaper that started it all. If you were then told that BTC would cost, say, $30,000, would you take the risk? And someone took a risk and did not regret it. Then what is the problem?

It’s important to remember that leaving your comfort zone isn’t just about work. It is also about changing the format of one’s lifestyle, the ability to adapt to new conditions, and being open to change.

Lado Okhotnikov: Comfort zone or finding your own cheese

This is a story about cheese that everyone will enjoy, because partly you will find yourself in it.

Mice and people lived in the same labyrinth. Every day they all went in search of their piece of cheese. The mice did it faster because they didn’t think about the consequences. And people always planned and doubted before every step they took.

And at one fine moment the mice finally found their cheese and ran to it. They felt serene, not knowing what would happen next. But then the cheese ran out, and the mice realized that they needed new food. They didn’t think about possible problems and just went.

People, on the contrary, were upset when they found out that there was no more cheese. Some even panicked.

While the mice were diligently searching for fresh food, people continued to complain. Every day they returned to the beginning and hoped that the cheese would magically appear. They remembered how wonderful it was to have their own tasty, albeit small piece of cheese, but did not want to change anything.

But one day something happened, and one of the people rushed to search, realizing that in order to stop being sad, you need to overcome your fear. It was uncomfortable, but the man still went and took risks. Somewhere I even ran, feeling the fear being left behind…”

Vladimir Okhotnikov

And soon confidence took over.

Don’t wait – act 

Having come to a new place, the man discovered that only crumbs remained from the cheese, which had long been eaten by mice. Then he decided to return to the others and tell them that he had found a new cheese place. He regretted that he had not done this earlier, because if he had returned yesterday or the day before, he might have found more than just leftovers.


Think you’re not that age anymore? Then take a look at this – there are no clear leaders in crypto just like those who lag behind. 

Upon returning, the man saw his friend in despondency, he was absolutely indifferent to everything and just sat, waiting for a miracle. He tried to convince his friend that sooner or later he would find a huge supply of cheese that he had never seen before. But all attempts were in vain.

Then the guy turned around and ran away in search again. In the end, perseverance paid off, and he discovered such a huge piece that he had never seen before. The man promised himself that he would no longer hesitate and would stop waiting for others to eat everything, but would act immediately.

Vladimir Okhotnikov on the importance of the first step

Even if you already have a lot, you need to continue searching. The situation described calls for thinking about your own life. We work hard, we have a home, a family, and perhaps our loved ones do not always support our aspirations.

Cheese in this story is a symbol of financial independence, owning your own business or having a job that would bring a good income. Each of us is looking for our own piece, and many may miss this opportunity by limiting themselves to what they already have.

Vladimir Okhotnikov says that change is a natural part of our lives, and when you realize this, you can always find new opportunities and achieve great success.

The more chained you are to old, bygone moments, the harder it is for you to let them go. This is our comfort zone and we don’t want to leave it,” Lado Okhotnikov emphasized.

You will die of hunger if you don’t go further 

Crypto has indeed changed the rules of the game. And with the advent of tools such as Metaverses, new horizons began to appear.

However, those who have embraced change are leading the way. They see new opportunities and take risks. They are ready to give up old ways and adapt to a new reality.

For those who refuse to change, there is a risk of being left behind and missing out on opportunities. But it is important to understand that even if you are already late, there is always a chance to start moving forward and catch up with others. It will take effort, learning and adaptation, but as they say, better late than never.

Check the freshness of your cheese

If you are ready to keep up with new trends, your knowledge will always be in demand. Even if at the moment it seems to you that everything is good and stable for you, remember that the situation can change.

In the cheese analogy, fear of new things does not lead to anything good. If you refuse to learn new skills, it will mean that soon your cheese will spoil or even completely – you will be left with only crumbs, while others will continue to enjoy fresh and flavorful pieces.

  • You shouldn’t be afraid of mistakes or failures. Walt Disney, the creator of Disneyland and the Disney Animation Studio, was fired from the newspaper for lack of imagination and ideas, and also went bankrupt before creating his first animated film.

Now for a personal example. I once worked at Galaxy Mate, a company specializing in the supply of the Argentine drink Yerba Mate, which is healthy for the body. Everything was going great, the company was making a profit. However, due to some circumstances, my income began to fall. But thanks to the fact that I was simultaneously studying cryptocurrency, I was able to quickly switch to a new type of income for myself.

At that moment, when crypt still seemed like a toy, and there were no specialists in this niche, I began to actively study the technology. I coped with this task and now I help other people figure it out.

In conclusion

Have you heard the famous phrase: “Survival of the fittest”? This expression is often misunderstood. It is not the strongest or the smartest who survive but the one who is the fastest to adapt to the changes.

So the question is whether you are ready to let go of your “old cheese” and go in search of new opportunities in the Metaverses and the changing world of technology.

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