Which is the most underrated platform to invest in crypto assets in India?

In India, there are several platforms from which you can trade or invest in crypto assets. While the sheer competition is brutal for the exchanges/platforms, it is a boon for the customers because they get a better product in the end. Now, while everyone must have heard of the big names in the crypto industry, there is this exchange from the southernmost part of our country called Giottus.

So, instead of just speaking about it, let’s lay down the facts that makes Giottus (an almost-three-year-old crypto exchange platform) one of the most underrated in India. Here are those facts and what crypto investors can take advantage of:

  1. Crypto users are used to having multiple accounts depending on their goals, convenience and objectives. But moving around does not come free. There are fees involved at each and every withdrawal. At Giottus, TRX withdrawal fees, for example, are free. This makes the platform a very popular exchange among the advanced users who are used to moving crypto assets all the time.
  2. Giottus is a zero fee exchange. While unbelievable it may sound at first, let’s see if we are bluffing or not. Once you sign up and complete the KYC, bank verification, there is an instant deposit feature available with zero fees. Once you do that, you can buy the first BTC (with zero fees). Or, if you need to buy any other crypto, you can either buy USDT or BTC again with zero fees and then buy whatever crypto you want at zero fees again. Believable now, huh?
  3. When it comes to investment amount, there is no right or wrong in the amount you choose to invest in Bitcoin, if you invest less, you will make less. If you invest more in BTC, then you get more returns. Same for losses too. The good thing about Giottus is that you can invest from as low as Rs 10. If you are scared to go with big amounts of money, Giottus lets you build trust first.
  4. Giottus has partnered with leading global exchange Bitfinex to provide deep liquidity, which means you will be able to exchange your asset for fiat currency (INR) anytime. To be honest, it depends on the interest of the users who want to trade too, so the liquidity partly depends on the demand generated by the customers also. It’s a two way street but we are one of the best in ensuring that.
  5. Security of customers is paramount to any business and Giottus is at the forefront of that. Giottus has partnered with the Global leader in custodial service, Bitgo, to ensure insurance protection to your investments. Cold wallets are secured by 100% insurance against cyber thefts.
  6. Now to the subjective parts, investing/trading is intuitive and straightforward as Giottus designs every feature to hide the complexities that could confuse the new investors. The KYC process is instant, and you can start investing within minutes of submitting the KYC details. Well sometimes, documents might get rejected and can become frustrating but the support team is one of the best. Let’s look at that now.
  1. As few exchanges are known for bad experience when it comes to resolutions, Giottus has arguably one of the best customer support in the industry, as you can expect an answer within 4 hours after raising a ticket. You can also converse in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali, apart from English.

Although we are going to finish the article by giving a promo code called “GIFTNGROW” using which you can claim Rs 100 worth of BTC for free in Giottus app, the above mentioned pointers make Giottus one of the most underrated platforms in India with a 4 star rating. If you are convinced, you can go to https://giottus.onelink.me/YWFR/guest and download the application. If not, still you can give it a try.

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