5 Wearable Gadgets That Can Improve Workers Productivity

Wearable smart gadgets have gained popularity among people over the past decade. But with the impending global pandemic, the wearable technology market has not made as much profit since 2020 as it has made in the previous years as most of them are designed to wear when we step out. Although there are exceptions of health and fitness wearables that have shown a massive growth than ever before.

Wearable technology today includes everything from head-mounted displays (HMDs) to clothing and jewelry. The use of wearables in the workplace is likely to increase in the near future, so companies should consider whether these technologies could be used to promote a more productive and connected work environment.  Here is an overview of several types of wearable gadgets that have noteworthy commercial, personal, and health uses in today’s workplace.

1.   Smartwatches

A device that can do more than just tell the time. It sends users reminders about their phones, texts, emails, and social media updates, among other things. They are today’s most well-known and extensively implemented smart wearables in the workplace. Designers are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and deliver a better user experience with their gadgets. A recent study suggests that instead of using electricity, the gadget may be charged using solar power and body heat.

2.   Fitness Trackers

They track the steps the user takes each day and continuously monitor the heart rate. Based on this information, the device calculates and reports the exact amount of calories burned and the amount of exercise performed. They also monitor a wide range of other fitness metrics. Fitness-focused devices increasingly integrate smartwatch features such as phone notification alerts, while smartwatches provide a variety of fitness monitoring options and capabilities. Fitness trackers are less expensive since they have fewer features and focus on usefulness rather than aesthetic appeal.

3.   Smart Jewellery

Jewelry-like smartwatches are specifically designed for women. Wearers receive a notification whenever their phone is out of reach of their messages, calls, or emails. Rings are perhaps the most common kind of smart jewelry. In smart rings, you wear a regular ring while tracking your health data and reviewing it on your smartphone. In addition to bangles and bracelets, there are many other iterations of smart jewelry, including some designs created by well-known designers.

4.   Smart Clothing

Wearable Clothing incorporates smart electronics to give it an interesting and fashionable appearance. Smart clothing, by gaining contact with a wider portion of the body, can give deeper insights than other instances of current wearable technology, enabling sophisticated tracking for both medical treatment and lifestyle enhancement. Great research is already going on for smart shoes that can track running, smart socks that can detect foot ulcers, yoga pants that vibrate, T-shirts with location-tracking functionality, etc.

5.   Head-Mounted Displays

A virtual world opens up to you with these. Your eyes receive virtual information instantly. They’re somewhat bigger than most wearable computing devices. They are worn on the head and provide a display in the user’s field of vision, allowing the user to operate the device without having to glance down at a phone or wristwatch display. AR HMD devices enable users to engage with both digital information and the real-world environment around them at the same time.

IoT solutions are finding their way to all possible sectors. Hence it would not be surprising to see IoT trying to uplift workplace productivity through smart wearables in near future. TechAhead, a mobile app development company, believes in the potential of the internet of things and provides services that will make your product smarter. This IoT app development company has already helped numerous companies to create their mark not only in the field of wearable technology but also healthcare, logistics, retail and manufacturing. Your company can be one of them, all you need to do is book a free consultation session.

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