Top Guidelines for Choosing the Best Server

Minecraft is among the popular video games liked and played by millions globally. This game allows players to develop and play their virtual world with others. Although this is a fun game, playing alone can eventually be boring. To avoid this, most players join a Minecraft server to enjoy this game with friends, family, and other players.

Due to this demand, the number of Minecraft servers has continued to increase. Choosing the best Minecraft server should be a priority. However, identifying a server suitable for your needs can take time and effort with the many options. This article explains some of the crucial guidelines that can enable you to find the best Minecraft server. They include; 

1. Examine what you want 

Your first step is to understand your requirements to identify the correct server. Do you need a server where you can play with friends or family-friendly? Do you want a particular theme or prefer a specific gameplay style? Some players prefer a server that has a large play base. So understanding what you need allows you to narrow your list and find a Minecraft server that meets your requirements.

2. What is your playing style?

Before selecting a server, know you’re playing style. Some players prefer survival or creative mode, and others want to play mini-games or PVP. Do you want to play solo or want to join a community? Understanding your type of play and what you like allows you to choose the correct server that is ideal for you.

3. Check server reviews

Once you have identified you’re playing style, start checking server reviews. You can find reviews on Minecraft server lists or forums. These reviews are from players who have already tried the server before. You’ll know what to expect. Pay attention to the comments about the server’s performance, the community, and the rules. Also, consider server reliability. If a server has multiple negative reviews, avoid it altogether and consider the ones with positive comments from different players. 

4. Your server’s uptime 

It’s frustrating to sign up for a server, then learn that it is constantly down and needs regular maintenance. Therefore, before joining Minecraft servers, always check the uptime history. The best server is one that has a high and constant uptime percentage. Such a server will rarely be down for maintenance. This is important for a great gaming experience

5. Server’s size

Next, consider the size of your server. Because a server is bigger, it could be better. Although a larger server may host many players, making friends can be overwhelming and challenging. However, a small server can have a tight-knit community. But it might take a lot of work to find players to play with. Therefore, be keen when choosing the right size for your server. Make sure you’re comfortable before registering.

 Your server should have active players. Find a community of active players ready to collaborate with others. The best Minecraft servers have many active players. This is what makes the gameplay fun and engaging. 

Although selecting the best Minecraft server is daunting, these guidelines help you decide. Your selection process is also going to be easy. Identify a community that fits your persona and is perfect for your needs. You’ll be happy Minecrafting. 

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