5 Tips that ease down Moving your Heavy Furniture?

No matter how prepared you are, moving heavy furniture is a headache. From the vintage chest, and piano to heavy Almira, you’ve to be extra careful packing and moving your expensive household items. While nothing beats having a dedicated furniture removalist by your side, you can still do some groundwork for a hassle-free experience. 

Without much ado, let’s learn five such tips that will help you in moving your heavy furniture:

1.    Lifting tools

Lifting your heavy furniture can be tricky, especially if you’ve spent oodles of money on purchasing them.  From using moving dollies to lifting straps, there are many tools that can help you lift heavy objects up and down.

Discuss such unique requirements with your specialist furniture movers to arrange all such tools. Many local home tools can come in handy as well.

2.    Extra protection

Moving fragile items asks for special packing material to avoid damage, of any sort. Consider using industry-grade wrapping material to save your upholstered furniture from severe physical jerks or shocks.

What if it slips while lifting? Cover your floor with thick sheets of cardboard to create an extra layer of protection. Have a word with your packers and movers about the logistics to cut short the distance to the moving van or truck.

3.     Dragging Vs Lifting?

Well, most people would prefer dragging the furniture as it takes less strength than lifting the whole thing over the shoulders. Also, there is always a risk of injury lifting heavy items on your shoulders.

But dragging may leave behind notable marks on the floor or worse— tiles may crack under the weight.

Wrap a thick blanket around the furniture to drag, this cuts down the risk of accidental damage and ensures smooth movement without causing any scratches on the floor. 

Many moving companies use special furniture moving pads to do the needful. Just use a band to wrap it closely and you’re good to go.

4.    Empty or disassemble furniture

Moving a huge bookcase? Well, you can’t be moving it with all the books shelved, right? So, remove all the books to lighten up the weight of the furniture.

Also, many heavy sofa sets come with removable cushions. Make them less spacious so that can be moved easily against the less-wider doorways. Carefully disassemble all the small parts so that you can move the furniture with considerable ease and flexibility.

5.    Ask for extra help

Moving a heavy piece of furniture—something you can’t part ways with—can be a herculean task. 

You want to take all the precautions to avoid even a single scratch, right? What about asking your family or friends to chip in? And if you’ve kids and pets back home, you may have to spend hours and hours in trying to move.

Have someone trusted at your home while packing and moving is going on. A lot of things are decided on the spot, so your presence is important at every stage for a fast and efficient moving experience.

After considering these tips for moving heavy furniture, if you’re looking for professional assistance to ensure a seamless move, learn more about how house removal services can cater to your specific needs.

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In the end

Having sweaty palms as the moving day nears? Well, it is normal to feel nervous as you’re shifting your base. But doing some homework before the final day would save your efforts and time.

Enjoy complete peace of mind with a professional team of movers and packers, doing all on your behalf.  Ask for a removalist quote before you finalise.

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