4 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Hotel To Staycation

Lately, staycations at hotel have become an alternative vacation during the pandemic. Even if you don’t visit a specific place, staying in a hotel room and enjoying the facilities is enough to refresh your mind from fatigue. However, you need to be careful when choosing a hotel for a staycation. Because health protocols must be a priority to maintain your safety, do you plan to stay at a hotel in Singapore? Here are things to consider before choosing a hotel for a staycation!

Close To Tourist Destination

First, choose a hotel that is close to your destination. There must be a list of which destinations to visit when visiting Singapore. This is important because it relates to the selection of hotels to stay. It would definitely be better if you choose a hotel that is close to tourist destinations.  If there are various places to go, then the best hotel selection is in the middle of the tourist destination.

If the hotel location is close to the tourist attractions, then you don’t need to think about transportation to the destination. In addition, easier access to destinations also reduces your transportation costs. So, you can save your budget for other things, such as buy food or souvenirs.

Pay Attention to Facilities

Every hotel in Singapore has different facilities. You should pay attention to what facilities will be provided. Like a gym, swimming pool, restaurant, spa, and other facilities. It will allow you to adjust the facilities provided by the hotel to your needs when on staycation. If you are on vacation with your family, sometimes children like swimming activities. So it would be better if you choose a hotel complete with a swimming pool.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to stay fit and in shape while on vacation, you can choose a hotel with gym facilities so you can do sports at the hotel. With complete hotel facilities, you can create a more quality vacation time.

Read Reviews From Previous Guests

How do you know if the hotel you want have good quality or not? You have to read reviews from previous guests. Don’t be tempted when you find a cheap hotel. You should check the reviews and various responses of earlier visitors. That way you will be able to judge whether the hotel is good or not.

If the hotel gets a lot of positive feedback and good comments from previous guests, then you can stay there because the hotel quality has been proven. If you can rest calmly and comfortably, of course, your staycation can be more fun.

Consider Your Budget

After you have hotel options, one important thing is the hotel rate. When on staycation, choose a hotel where you can stay at a price that fits your budget. If it is too expensive, the budget for traveling will decrease. But, by choosing a cheap hotel, you can save more money to explore tourists destination in Singapore. Vacations become more free and fun.

If you want to get a cheap hotel price, you must always check the hotel booking application, like Traveloka. Traveloka always provides you discounts or promos, so that hotel prices are getting cheaper. In addition, monitor the social media of hotel booking applications. Usually, announcements about deals or promos will be posted on social media pages.

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