Things to know before moving to Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia is known by a variety of nicknames, including “ATL” or “The Big Peach.”

Before You Move To Atlanta, Ga, Here Are 10 Things To Know About Atlanta.

1. The relaxed attitude of the locals.

Atlanta is a city that exudes southern charm. Despite the fact that many of the population are from other states, Atlantans are known for their friendliness. When strolling along the street, people will wave at you, so don’t be surprised if a stranger approaches you to chat.

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2. Atlanta is a massive city.

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s the size of Atlanta. Atlanta is a big city that spans 14 counties and stretches for more than 50 miles in both directions. There will be lots of options to pick from when it comes to deciding where to reside, with a downtown centre and several suburbs. Atlanta has many transportation options. Downtown and Midtown is the transportation hub in Atlanta.

3. ITP vs. OTP is the third point to consider.

These two city classes, which stand for inside the perimeter and outside the perimeter, are divided into two portions. This geographical classification is crucial to understand since where you live in the city will be determined by whether you dwell in the ITP or the OTP.

4. Foodies have a haven here.

In no time at all, Atlanta will become your go-to culinary destination. Typical southern comfort foods include barbecue, peach cobbler, handmade pecan pie, pimento cheese, and all things fried. No matter where you reside in the city, you will come across flavors you haven’t had before.

5. Outdoor activities.

Residents like their green spaces and outdoor leisure, and the city is considered to be dynamic. The city has a wide variety of parks, playgrounds, dog parks, and walking and biking routes where you can enjoy the hot and humid weather without having to leave your house.

6. The business of entertainment.

Some series and movies have been filmed in Atlanta, which has been dubbed the “Hollywood of the South” by some. Incentives for filming in the area are enticing to production companies. Filming for shows like The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Ozark, and The Avengers has taken place in Atlanta. Atlanta is home to CNN as well.

7. A celebration is always on the horizon.

Atlanta is a city that thrives on community gatherings and festivals. The city’s culture includes things like listening to live music outside, eating delicious food, drinking local beers, and admiring art. To name a few, there’s Dragon Con Atlanta, the Atlanta Jazz Festival, Music Midtown Atlanta, and the Candler Park Music and Food Festival.

8. Atlanta’s living costs are reasonable.

Atlanta’s cost of living is slightly higher than the national average, yet it remains reasonably priced. The cost of living in Atlanta is $2,035, on average, every month. To live comfortably in this massive metropolis, it is estimated that residents in the downtown area need earn between $80,000 and $100,000 a year.

9. Visit a distillery or brewery.

Over the last few years, the craft beer and distillery scene has exploded in popularity. Many breweries have opened in Atlanta since 2010, with some distilleries dating back to the early 1900s. The Old Fourth Distillery, which has been creating spirits since 1906 and makes straight bourbon whiskey, vodka, and gin, is the oldest distillery downtown.

10. The preferred soft drink is Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola is a must-have for everybody who lives in Atlanta. Right in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, the iconic Coca-Cola drink was conceived and made. Dr. John Stith Pemberton created Coca-Cola in 1866 as a health remedy, and it has since grown in popularity around the world. Coca-Cola, which began with a five-cent glass, has grown to include over 200 nations and over 400 products.


You will not be rushing into your decision to relocate to Atlanta. It’s a perfect city to call home, with a terrific food scene, fantastic film festivals, and a diverse culture.

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