Some Big Moves in the Cryptocurrency Market


There have been some big moves in the cryptocurrency market lately. Bitcoin, for one, has suffered another rate hike. Ethereum is set to undergo a massive upgrade on Sept. 19. Meanwhile, China is increasingly aggressive in crypto. To check whether the cryptocurrency you’ve decided to invest in is a reliable platform, go to This article will discuss factors that could affect the markets in the coming months.

Bitcoin’s selloff caused by another rate hike

The latest interest rate hike is causing big moves in the cryptocurrency market. The Federal Reserve announced a 75 basis-point increase, the largest since 1994. The move is intended to keep inflation under control but could also slow the economy. The Bank of England and European Central Bank have already raised interest rates and have indicated they will do so in September. It is important to note that the bitcoin trading platform has no regulatory oversight. This means that the users are responsible for their security and privacy.

The economy’s uncertainty is weighing heavily on the market as investors move away from the risky assets that have historically performed well. As stock markets have struggled to gain momentum in recent months, crypto prices have also fallen. Rising interest rates, inflation, and the risk of recession are all weighing heavily on investors. However, some investors should remember that risk and reward go hand in hand and do their research before investing in any asset. As a result, experts predict that choppiness will continue in the short term.

In the immediate aftermath of the news, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies dropped at least 10%. Some other cryptocurrencies that fell in value due to the information included Solano, Cardano, Shiba Inu, and Binance Coin. Meanwhile, SAP announced a new enterprise on the Metaverse to help Indian firms adopt the cloud. The enterprise will offer customers a platform to explore complete SAP offerings and help them reimagine processes for better business outcomes.

Ethereum’s massive upgrade set for Sept. 19

One of the most anticipated events in the cryptocurrency industry is Ethereum’s massive upgrade, known as the Merge. The new protocol will change cryptocurrency’s work by switching from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. This change is expected to reduce the amount of energy used and carbon emissions produced by the system by 99%.

The upgrade will address the current trilemma in the blockchain system by making the network scalable. It should be able to handle thousands of transactions per second, making them more cost-effective and faster. It will also improve security. It will also give Ethereum a greater chance of becoming more popular.

This massive upgrade is the first step towards a more mature system. However, there are still several issues that are holding Ethereum back. The currency’s high fees are one of the biggest hurdles to its growth, and its relatively slow speeds are another. Thankfully, Ethereum’s most prominent figurehead recently outlined the next steps the cryptocurrency needs to take. One is a move called “sharding” to spread transactions across multiple “shards,” which should help with sluggish transaction times and high fees.

South Korea’s emergence as a crypto trading hub

Cryptocurrency trading in South Korea is booming, but the country is grappling with its regulatory challenges. Regulators in the country are cracking down on illicit activities like money laundering and tax evasion. In addition, the regulators view young retail traders as a potential source of financial risks. As a result, South Korea plans to implement a crypto capital gains tax in 2022.

The government is trying to make the environment more hospitable for crypto traders. The South Korean government has taken several steps to create an ecosystem that encourages crypto trading. For example, it has loosened regulatory restrictions on ICOs and artificial intelligence. It has also allocated part of its $4.4 billion ‘Growth through Innovation’ investment program to blockchain and AI projects.

China’s aggressiveness in the crypto market

While the environment for cryptocurrency in China and India has become less hospitable in recent months, there is still reason to be hopeful. For starters, there are daily news updates and podcasts on CoinDesk TV featuring interviews with industry leaders. You can also sign up for CoinDesk First Mover, a daily newsletter that covers the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market. In addition, CoinDesk 20 tracks the latest moves in cryptocurrency prices, from rising costs to bad news from Ukraine.

While Chinese regulators haven’t explicitly banned cryptocurrency trading, they have banned initial coin offerings (ICOs), equivalent to initial public offerings for new virtual currencies. In May, they also prohibited the provision of services by financial institutions involved in such transactions. In 2013, they issued a similar ban on crypto mining.


There have been some big moves in the cryptocurrency market in recent years. Most coins have retained their value against the broad market, but some have substantially dropped. Bitcoin has experienced some big moves in recent weeks. In January, it surged by 30%. Then, in February, it declined 6%, in sympathy with the broader market. Traders are watching how the digital coin responds to the recent selloff in equities.

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