Security checks can always take about a week or several months for everything to be sorted out. These searches are always checked through database systems where the search for possible criminal records is shown. 

What happens when no incriminating record is found?

If no incriminating information is found, an immediate pass is given. But if for any reason any information is found, the persons will be referred back to the applicable state police department for extra findings to determine significance.

If the results from the findings are not important, that is a pass but once there is the need for further investigation then that is a fail. Plus the results from findings can never be questioned – it is either someone has clean records or they do not.

What happens when the results are incriminating?

An implicating record can have adverse effects on the candidate including their applications being turned down by employers. People have to realize that; no two employers will accept the same security checks, so each new job requires a new check. Not just that, the employer can request new security checks from time to time which the employee is obliged to do but these checks are always paid for by the employers.

Documents provided

The checks are always done with the consent of the candidate who provides their ID documents and details. The provided details usually include; name, date of birth, gender, and address history. 

What next when all details are gotten?

The details are then sent to the national police check Australia where the results are automatically scanned in the police database for potential ties.

Two results that come out when the automatic search is carried out include:

  • ‘No Disclosable Court Outcomes’, or
  • A potential match 

Every national police check in Australia is sorted out in the same way via this automatic matching process. This simply implies that the result of this automatic search is the same irrespective of where the candidate seeks for the National Police Check to be carried out.

When there is a latent identification, the results will also be recommended for manual vetting and dispensation by the police to make sure that the result is precise.


Security checks are always carried out by individuals when they are in the job application process or already working in a company. These checks that are always paid for by employers seek to reveal detailed and vital information about the candidate including criminal check records and financial details. The results are always disclosed in two ways.

Once the police find out that the match is incorrect, or that there is no police history data to be released. The results that are displayed will be ‘No Disclosable Court Outcomes’, or the police may acknowledge the match and discover that there is disclosable police history information. If this is the circumstance, the police check report will contain details of all ‘Disclosable Court Outcomes’.

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