Preparing To Move House

Preparing To Move House

There was always a chance this would happen, and now it has arrived- you need to move house. For whatever reason the time has come for you to pack up everything, put it in a truck, and leave your old domicile behind. It’s bound to be a stressful time, no matter how excited you may be about your new digs, and there is so much to do it’s a bit overwhelming and hard to know where to begin!

Fortunately, there is help readily available if you put your move into the friendly hands of professional removalists in Sydney. Their excellent service is dedicated to making your big move as smooth and effortless as possible, trust in them to get it all done fast and safely.

Even with expert assistance, there are still some things you will need to do before moving day happens. First up is to take a good look at your big heavy furniture, like cabinets, pianos, sofas, billiards tables, dressers, etc. Is the item one piece, or can it be disassembled? You will have help, but planning ahead and considering how it’s all going to fit into the new place will save you possible trouble later on.

Because you are going to enlist the aid of the professionals to expedite getting out of the old place you don’t need to worry so much about that, but what people tend to neglect is attending to the details of what happens when you arrive at the new place! Let’s take a moment to go over some essentials to do before your move.

It’s very important that you let the Australia Post know that you are relocating! You can fill out a personal mail redirection form in advance, and your mail will be waiting for you when you arrive at your new address.

Have the utilities set up and turned on before you get there. It wouldn’t do to arrive and find that there are no lights and water!

Arrange for the new house to be painted in time to have everything dry.

Set up your phone, Internet and cable service in advance.

Arrange for a deep clean. The best time to do this is while your new home is still empty! You will be able to move right in knowing that everything is spic and span.

Have the locks changed? You don’t know who the former occupants might have given copies of their keys to, keep unwanted visitors out by ordering the locks changed in advance and then having the new keys sent to you before the move.

Have the new alarm system set up for you, then consider getting an affordable home warranty as another important security precaution. Just make sure you have the password before you arrive with the moving truck!

If there are any home renovations or repairs needed in the new house, it’s best to make them happen before you get there.

Be sure that smoke and fire detectors are installed and in full operation.

Have a great move, and welcome home!

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