Powerful SEO Trends You Need To Know To Rank High in California

Your website ranking is extremely important. If you want to rank high among websites in California, you will need to follow the latest trends and best SEO practices.

SEO trends come and go, but some of them have lasting power. In order to stay on top of the constantly shifting game of SEO, you need to know what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s new in the field of organic search engine optimization. That’s why we’ve put together this list of seven powerful SEO trends that you need to know right now.

Expertise, Knowledge, and Trustworthiness

Expertise, knowledge, and trustworthiness (EAT) are core principles of search engine optimization. These are the basic criteria search engines use to determine if your California site is worth ranking high on the first page of search results. 

You can improve your EAT by:

  • Creating unique content
  • Give author information such as credentials
  • Cite valid, trustworthy sources
  • Do not autogenerate or spin your content
  • Use overly advertising language in your content

These are just a few simple things but EAT is all about creating quality content with reliable sources.

Use Good Backlinks

A backlink is a link that comes from one site and links to another. A good backlink provides more information on a specific subject from another quality site. This proves to search engines that your site is reputable enough to be recognized by another reputable website.

Artificial Intelligence Friendly

As more search engines turn to artificial intelligence (AI) to rank websites, ensuring your site is artificial intelligence friendly becomes increasingly important. This means ensuring your site is readable to most AI engines. 

Video Content

Video content is becoming increasingly important to search engine ranking. With faster internet, videos are becoming more and more popular. Having a video on your website can indicate that your website has more value to search engines than one that does not. It can also double your chances of being ranked. Some search engines separate video content and text content into two different listings.


Snippets are wonderful ways to increase your search engine ranking. Objects like lists and tables on your website make it more visually appealing and more appealing to search engines. This helps search engines to identify key features and important information faster and easier.

Ever Changing Content

Google’s algorithm isn’t just complicated, it’s constantly changing and evolving to meet the demands of an ever-growing online community. To stay up-to-date on SEO trends, you need to keep tabs on Google’s guidelines as well as changes in how people are using the web and what they expect when they use search engines like Google. This can be overwhelming.

Although newer sites are sometimes ranked higher initially, refreshed sites will always come through. This means adding new content and changing existing content to new formats. The key here is to add new information consistently. It can not be just any information; it needs to be quality, informative content.

Although there is no foolproof way to get the perfect search engine ranking, these trends are ways to drastically improve your chances of getting that page one spot. 

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