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List of free presentation templates

Right from creating your office presentation to presenting your idea on Slideshare you need to build a creative presentation to make your slide reach more people.Attractive slides help you to pitch your idea more efficiently.Here I am listing out free presentation templates for your use. 1.StockLayouts Right from creating a one-time project to repeated works […]

blacklist an employee
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Blacklist an Employee

Blacklist is an alarming word to every employee when they are trying to find better opportunities outside the organization. But do you think employers can really blacklist you? Do we need to analyze why employees are jumping? and why your employers are threatening? Read: how to get instant payday loans with no credit check? Why […]

description for slide

How to write a description for slide on slideshare?

One of the most unused B2B online marketing tools is SlideShare said by Karel Head B2B marketing at LinkedIn. Over 70 million new visitors are visiting SlideShare every month. But how to make the viewers read your slides. If they don’t read then how will you drive traffic or sales to your blog or business […]

How to motivate your employees through WhatsApp?
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4 simple ways to motivate your employees through WhatsApp

Both corporates and startups are adopting WhatsApp as an official platform to communicate. But employees are somewhat frustrated about the number of groups corporates are creating. Once in two months creating new groups with people from existing groups but for a different purpose. Managers to show their authority creating a group and compelling employees to […]