how to get job through LinkedIn
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5 tips on how to get job through LinkedIn

Yes you are bored of hearing this if you want to get Job concentrate on LinkedIn than on Tinder or Facebook. Your parents and professors believe LinkedIn is a place to connect with professionals but they never taught you how to improve your opportunity using LinkedIn. So here we are writing shortcuts on how to […]

startup jobs
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Why you should take startup jobs?

Growing startups culture not only trying to contribute in economic factor but also opening new gates for fresh passouts to  experiment their skills. Getting job is no more difficult now .If you know Photoshop or blogging or digital marketing then startups are searching for you but with above skills it is difficult to get a […]

things you should avoid in resume
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5 things you should avoid in resume

Yes it really speaks for you, during interview you will be asked only from what you know or what you studied not more than that .Resume helps them to understand how skilful you are and help them to shoot suitable questions. But good resume will really help you to fetch good job. 1.Avoid old standard […]

group discussion tips
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5 Effective Group Discussion Tips

You can prepare in a week to clear the first written round but a week preparation cannot make you a good communicator. Communication skill is the most expected skill in corporates. Group discussion is a tool to test your communication skill it’s not only about how fluent you are in English actually some companies allowing […]