How An Arc Flash Analysis Can Help Your Company Become More Energy Efficient

Manufacturing company owners are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their facilities. One of the most overlooked areas where efficiency can be increased is your equipment’s energy usage.

An Arc Flash Analysis can help you to identify areas where energy efficiency can be maximized. This post will explain how an Arc Flash Analysis can help your manufacturing company become more energy-efficient.

What is an arc flash analysis?

An arc flash is an electrical explosion that results from an unexpected electrical fault between two energized conductors. These incidents are often extremely dangerous, sometimes even fatal, and can significantly damage machinery and electrical systems.

An arc flash analysis helps to identify potential risks and provides recommendations to mitigate those risks, such as enhanced safety systems and personal protective equipment. For manufacturing companies, an arc flash analysis can help protect employees, equipment, and facilities against dangerous electrical events, ensuring the business’s continued safe and efficient operation.

IEEE 1584 for Determining Incident Energy

An Arc Flash Analysis is a comprehensive electrical safety assessment that uses the IEEE 1584 standard to determine the incident energy level of electrical equipment. This standard is the most accurate method of predicting the energy release of electrical equipment during a fault.

Using this standard, an Arc Flash Analysis can accurately determine the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) required by employees working on or near electrical equipment. This helps prevent accidents and improve worker safety, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

Ability To Do Complex Industrial Plants

An Arc Flash Analysis can analyze complex industrial plants with switchgear, MCC, bus plugs, relays, looped systems, and adjustable trip breakers. No matter how complicated your facility is, an Arc Flash Analysis can accurately analyze it.

By using an Arc Flash Analysis, you can identify potential hazards and inefficiencies that may have gone unnoticed, such as electrical equipment that is overheating or drawing more power than necessary.

Ability to Provide IEEE 1584-Based Labels

An Arc Flash Analysis can provide IEEE 1584-based labels down to the lowest point. OSHA and the NFPA 70E standard require these labels and indicate the potential hazards associated with electrical equipment. By providing these labels, employees can easily identify equipment that requires special attention and the necessary PPE required for working on or near this equipment.

70% Less Cost

An Arc Flash Analysis is cost-effective compared to other electrical assessment methods. By using an Arc Flash Analysis, you can save up to 70% on the cost of analyzing your electrical system.

Report Available for Audits

An Arc Flash Analysis provides a comprehensive report that includes all applied labels. This report can be used for audits and inspection purposes. It ensures that your facility meets OSHA and NFPA 70E standard requirements and provides a record of the measures taken to ensure worker safety and reduce accidents.

Arc Flash Analysis & Energy Efficiency: In Closing

As a manufacturing company owner, identifying areas of inefficiency and improving worker safety are key priorities. An Arc Flash Analysis is an effective way to achieve both goals. An Arc Flash Analysis can improve worker safety and reduce accidents by accurately determining the incident energy level of electrical equipment, identifying potential hazards, and providing labels that indicate the necessary PPE required for working on or near this equipment.

The cost savings and comprehensive report make it an efficient and cost-effective method of assessing your electrical system. Consider an Arc Flash Analysis for your manufacturing company today to improve energy efficiency and reduce potential accidents.

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