Notable Benefits Of A Nose Job

A Number Of Positive Aspects People Don’t Consider

There are a lot of misconceptions about nose jobs. Everybody thinks they’re just a vanity operation pursued by women for the purposes of maximizing their physical appearance. Certainly that goes on, but it’s not the only reason people get rhinoplasty surgery. It’s a common reason, but it’s not the only reason.

Also, there are a number of benefits to the surgery that often go unconsidered. We’re briefly going to explore a few of those benefits here to help round out your perspective.

Expected Psychological Benefits

If you feel better about yourself, it’s going to make you more healthy. Have you heard of the term “will to live”? This is something physicians refer to in cases that are borderline terminal. If a person can survive, it doesn’t always mean they will. They have to want to live. It’s sort of like dying of a broken heart, which is also something that is medically recognized.

There is a psychological component to health. At a deeper level, you can look into what’s known as epigenetic processes. Essentially, the way we live, what we think, and what we do, actually rewrites our genetic code. A thief has different DNA than someone who doesn’t steal. A singer has different DNA than a visual artist.

Accordingly, if you have more self-esteem, that’s going to change your DNA. Psychology and physiology are symbiotic. A nose job will make you more satisfied with your personal appearance, which may help you be more physically healthy through the reduction of psychological stress.

Unexpected Physical Benefits

As you start to feel better, you’ll find that at a genetic level, you’re more healthy. Additionally, rhinoplasty as performed through the auspices of a skilled surgeon can actually serve to reopen nasal passageways. You might find you breathe better once you’ve healed up from a nose job. Now it does take a little time, certainly.

You’ll be stuffed up until you’re healed, usually. Once you don’t need the bandages anymore and you can go out in public, you may find you breathe better than you did before. This will increase the oxygenation in your lungs, which subsequently provides a boost to your immune system.

Something else rhinoplasty can do is correct physical deformities that are congenital, and physical conformities that result from injury. A bad car accident can be somewhat corrected through skilled reconstructive surgery—well, to a certain extent. A deviated septum can be fixed with rhinoplasty, and other issues can be similarly rectified.

Better breathing and a return to your primary appearance represent key physical benefits of rhinoplasty that takes place in a reconstructive capacity. Many who undergo reconstructive surgery take the opportunity to “tweak” their nose so it has a more desirable appearance overall.

Choosing Carefully

Getting a nose job is a big deal, and you want to use trusted practitioners who really know what they’re doing; like those at this Plano rhinoplasty center. Not all cosmetic surgeons are of the quality necessary to assure your surgery is going to be the resounding success you hoped. Plenty of celebrities have found that out the hard way.

If you’re not seeking plastic surgery in a reconstructive capacity, you’ve got time to look around and choose practitioners with a solid reputation. Look at some of the photos of those who’ve gone before you, and don’t allow your choice to be pressured.

Rhinoplasty has clear psychological and physiological benefits—but you want to make sure you get the right procedure from the right practitioner; so take your time.

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