Nose Job Changed My Appearance

I was nervous and skeptical about undergoing nose surgery to straighten out a couple of fractures and improve my breathing. The surgical team at Novomed in Al Ain did an excellent job and spent a lot of time explaining everything and answering all of my questions prior to surgery. They helped calm my nerves when I was deciding on getting plastic surgery done. They genuinely cared about preserving my nose and ensuring that the final outcome looks perfectly natural.

The process itself was overall fairly painless and the healing process was absolutely smooth. They performed an incredible rhinoplasty procedure. I barely had any discomfort and the results are outstanding! After going in for follow-ups, the staff explained everything I needed to do thoroughly in recovery to continue seeing the best outcome. The recovery was quick, and the team prepared me well for any problems that may arise. My nose looks completely natural and I am completely satisfied with its appearance from all angles.

They were generous with their time, as well as knowledgeable, and caring. Most importantly, they finally were able to get rid of my horrible symptoms that other doctors couldn’t treat. Over a year later and they still take time to see me for thorough aftercare check-ups.

I went to other doctors, but they didn’t seem to understand what I want or give me a clear image of what they were going to do. Novomed’s surgical team knew exactly what I wanted and my nose looked great right after surgery. It has been a month since the procedure and I am still swollen but my nose looks better than the anticipated image.

They take the time to ensure you’re comfortable before and after all visits and that you receive the quality results you’re looking for. They walk you through every step of the operation to make sure everything is flawless. 

When I sleep, I no longer breathe through my mouth, and when I eat, I no longer smack my lips. My surgery achieved excellent results, and I am really pleased. I can breathe a lot better now, and my side profile looks a lot better as well. I would definitely recommend Novomed’s surgical team in Al Ain to anyone who is looking for a good plastic surgeon.

I couldn’t be any happier, I have gotten the nose I have always wanted. My nose is beautiful and looks very natural!

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