Use Node js for Web Development

Why Choose Node.js for Web Development [in 2024]

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript language that works on the server side. It allows the developers to run the code outside the browser, making it easier to build scalable web applications. Plus, it is lightweight and event-driven for building high-performance applications.

In addition, Node.js comes with a library of premade packages and modules that reduces the time and effort required to create and maintain applications.

You can develop server-side and client-side code using the same language, streamlining development procedures and removing the need for context switching.

Also, you can hire NodeJS developers to build scalable web applications. Developers can deploy apps on several operating systems like – Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

In 2022, Node.js surpassed React to become the most popular framework used by developers globally. According to a report by Statista, 47.12 percent of participants said they use Node.js over other frameworks.

Let’s dive deep and see some reasons to choose Node.js for web development in 2023.

1. Back-end and front-end development

Node.js helps developers to develop both server-side and client-side code in JavaScript. Moreover, the feature streamlines the process and does away with the vital requirements of context switching.

Using the language, developers can create client-side codes that help execute web browsers and server-side web apps, including API and web servers.

Also, developers can create applications that help manage data analysis, enhancing the user experience.

Node.js actively supports back-end and front-end development, speeding up the development process. Most importantly, it helps developers to build robust online applications.

2. Active community

Node.js has a sizable and active community – which is why it’s the most popular option among developers. The community makes contributions to sizable modules, packages, and libraries accessible via npm.

Due to the easy assistance of the community, the developers are notified of the latest developments, including updates in microservices and cloud computing.

In addition, the community is constantly creating new tools, frameworks, and plugins.

Over the years, Node.js has developed into dependable and community-driven technology, making it the best option for web development. The active and sizable developer community also helps new developers.

3. Easily scalable

Node.js is easily scalable, and most developers choose the language because of its speed. It is built on a V8 engine that offers effective performance with an event-driven and non-blocking model that can manage heavy web traffic.

Also, it offers a good platform for building scalable web applications. Developers can create event-driven real-time applications that can manage thousands of concurrent connections.

Plus, the effective design feature makes it perfect for distributed architectures like – microservices, where scalability is significant.

In addition, developers can build code with optimization features provided by Node.js like – the capacity to handle I/0 parallel and single-thread usage.

4. Real-time applications

Node.js has an event-driven and non-blocking architecture, allowing developers to handle many connections without lag. It is an excellent bet for developing real-time applications.

Apart from the architecture, it helps to create client-side communication apps like – online games, team-building tools, and chat apps. Plus, developers can expand their app functionality by utilizing the modular ecosystem and extensive library that comes with Node.js.

Node.js enables developers to develop their resources as the user base increases. In addition, it is an ideal option for creating real-time applications because of its scalability and adaptability.

5. Platform independence

Node.js is based on the Chrome V8 engine, enabling the developers to run the javascript codes in various operating systems. The platform independence feature is one of the primary reasons developers choose Node.js.

It implies that developers do not have to change their JavaScript to operate on different operating systems like – Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Besides, Node.js can help developers achieve this by using a uniform API that abstracts the operating system differences, and developers can concentrate on developing – code that is simple to read, maintain, and analyze.

Plus, it may benefit when developing online applications as the server-side codes manage the requests and respond to clients on different platforms. Also, it is a great tool for creating dependable online applications.

6. Compatible with Google chrome and complete stack

One of the main reasons developers choose Node.js is its compatibility with Google Chrome. Google V8 engine provides backing for Node.js, which allows successive javascript implementation on the front end. In addition, compatibility affects both the – front-end and back-end of the application.

Node.js is a full stack javascript framework that helps to build server-side and client-side applications. Users don’t have to pay for the services of remote engineers for both – the back-end and front-end, which saves valuable time. Developers can concentrate on other vital tasks using the Node.js framework.

7. Easy to learn and manageable

Node.js has a simple-to-learn syntax, making it easily accessible to developers at any skill level. Plus, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages, and most programmers are fluent with it.

Also, developers that have a strong base in JavaScript will find the framework easily fit for their back-end tasks. It requires less time to learn but provides efficiency at max level.

Node.js enables the possibility of blocking the I/O system. It facilitates the handling of many requests at a single time. The system outperforms Python and Ruby when handling many requests at once. The best part is that all the requests are organized and grouped on time.

Why should you choose Node.js?

Node.js is your ideal framework for creating scalable and high-performing web applications in 2023. Because of its scalability, reliability, and extensive modules, it’s preferred by most developers worldwide.

Moreover, new developers can leverage tools and documentation as it has a large ecosystem and open community. In fact, it has become popular with many big brands like – LinkedIn and Netflix as they have embraced its developing features. Most importantly, it is a go-to JavaScript framework for rapid app creation.

However, when choosing a Node.js developer, it’s vital to consider factors like portfolio, customer reviews, and experience. Also, consider the collab style of the development company and their approach to the security of the framework. An experienced team that works on Node.js can help you get the most out of technology.

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