A New Rental Solution for Todays Generation

Single People – A New Rental Solution for Today’s Generation

The rental scene is changing; young people are looking for more freedom and independence, something you don’t have when you buy your home. When you have a mortgage around your neck, you are very much tied to a certain way of life; the young digital entrepreneur likes to travel and a new type of rental has emerged.

Say goodbye to bonds

You’ll be happy to learn that when you reside in a build-to-rent development, you don’t have to pay a bond. Yes, you heard right, simply pay one month upfront and you can move in. There are several build-to-rent developments in Sydney and Melbourne, where some stay, some are on the move and all the facilities you need are under a single roof. There are no owners, as everyone rents on a flexible basis.

Your pets are welcome

Whether a Great Dane, a Beagle or a cat, your pet is as welcome as you are! Indeed, the majority of residents have pets, so there are lots of social groups for pet owners. Indeed, the development has pet parks and paw-washing stations! The atmosphere is vibrant and positive and people come and go, as they often work and travel. Everyone from the person who wishes to stay for many years to the digital nomad who spends half the year in the build-to-rent development, is welcome, as are their pets.

Freedom of expression

Short of knocking down walls, you can pretty much do what you want re decor. This is, after all, your living space, so go ahead and paint that mural and display your art! There are no restrictions; simply return it to its original state when you leave! Click here for a few relocation tips.

Appliances and utilities included

There is no camping on the first night, as you arrive in a bare space; all appliances that you need are installed and all utilities turned on. This is one less thing to have to worry about; indeed, you never even have to talk to a provider, as management have this covered. A friendly approach to living as a community ensures everyone gets on and with a democratic culture, all voices are heard.

Exclusively for renters

Imagine a development where every tenant is a tenant, not an owner; this is the way with the new build-to-rent developments in Melbourne and Sydney. The majority of residents are young professionals, entrepreneurs who like the freedom that build-to-rent offers. A new breed of professional is emerging, the digital nomad; men and women who make their living remotely and they like to move around – a few months in Bali, then off to Phuket or Vietnam and most come back to Oz for Xmas and New Year. Working online allows you to travel and see the world and with build-to-rent, you always have a home waiting for you.

Start looking for a build-to-rent development and check out the positive vibes and get to know some of the tenants.

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