Need some inspiration? Check out these great OKR examples!

Do you want to use objectives and may result in your business, but you are unsure where to start? If you are in the middle of trying to come up with the best short and long-term goals for your company, then sometimes getting some inspiration can help you figure out where to start and where to go!

Just think about it – if you are an entrepreneur, you might not know the goals that you should set for yourself. If you have never been in charge of a business or industry – or in charge of other employees – you need to learn how you can set goals, monitor your progress, and establish the endgame of your company. Seeing inspirational OKR examples from other successful businesses can help you figure out how to create the ideal and unique OKR for your own business – since every company will be different, you will need to tweak these OKR examples to fit your unique business model!

Let’s plan out a few unique ideas that you can use to help boost your business productivity, increase daily efficiency, and avoid confusion in the workplace! Keep in mind – setting the right objectives and key results is the best way that you can figure out the most important goals of your business, stick with your goal-setting process, and measure the data of your company.

Revenue and sales

One of the most common and inspirational OKR examples you can use to help your own business is setting sales and revenue goals. Make sure that when it comes to the incoming cash flow and your income levels for your business, you figure out the total average gross profit and sales conversion rates currently in your company. Once you determine the baseline, you can then make OKRs that help your current data, such as increasing your sales conversion rate to 80%!

In addition, sales will help you track how your business is doing with your products and services. Some sales OKR examples that you can use are to figure out the percentage of your pipeline conversion win rate, increase your new sales revenue by a certain percentage, and hire a new sales partner for your new accounts.

Digital marketing

The next OKR example that you can use for your business is related to digital marketing – figure out the best way that you can grow your digital presence for people across the world by using key results like increasing your social media following, increasing your number of LinkedIn and Instagram followers, and increasing new visitor conversion rates to 70%.


The last OKR example that you can use to help boost your business productivity is to increase the operational accuracy and efficiency of your business. You can set OKRs like enhancing the return on advertising and increasing the lead conversion ratio to 12%.


Are you stuck on how to create the best OKRs for business? Use these inspirational examples and customize them to fit your needs so you can increase the productivity efficiency of your business in the industry!

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