Mastering Instagram Story Views: Strategies for Growing Your Audience

Growing your Instagram audience needs persistent efforts and an exceptional strategy. A combination of strategy and effort will take you to heights on the Instagram platform. Successful people on Instagram have followed certain steps to reach their goals. Every feature of Instagram such as stories, posts, IGTV, and reels needs certain formulas to master Instagram and grow your audience. Many people who are new to Instagram have been wondering if they can grow the audience count by employing techniques on Instagram features. If you are one among the crew, a definite answer is a yes. It is highly possible to grow your audience when you are using top-notch tricks. 

Instagram stories are one of the most effective ways to grow your audience. When you are adopting tricks and techniques to grow your audience with the assistance of Instagram audience, you can achieve the same efficiently and quickly. Experts from Instasocials have shared straightforward strategies to grow your audience. 

Strategies For Growing Your Audience 

1. Quality Content 

Quality of the content is the foremost factor that will take you to success. With the enormous level of competition on the Instagram platform, quality is the tool to achieve. When you are working on your story content, ensure to not drop the quality at any point. Even, if you are running out of content, do not convince yourself to post content of low quality. Make it a point to use only photos and videos of high quality. This will not distract the audience and will compel the audience to stay on your handle. This will also direct the audience to share your content. 

2. Engage With Your Audience 

Building relationships is vital when you are present on social media with a purpose. Taking steps to engage with the audience can be done via replying to their comments and DM’s. It is usual to receive a lot of messages over interesting stories. Take time to individually respond to each of the comments. This will build a positive attitude about your efforts on the platform. You can also buy IG story views to create a sense of engagement among the audience.

3. Consistency 

Posting frequently is mandatory to be on the top of the feed. Allot specific times to post stories on Instagram. People will not forget you when you are consistent with your efforts. Also, your efforts will be portrayed immensely when you are making continuous efforts to maintain your frequency. This will pave the way for your audience growth as there are higher chances of being present on the Instagram feed regularly. 

4. Use Hashtags 

Hashtags are one of the main sources used by the audience to find relevant content. Posting stories with hashtags will put your story at the top of the feed, thus making it visible to more people. Increased visibility will help in reaching more audience which has a direct impact on your audience count. When your stories appear to the audience, there are higher chances of them visiting your Instagram handle and turning out to be your followers

5. Analyze The Insights 

Analyzing insights is one of the effective ways to keep track of your performance. Metrics can be analyzed thoroughly and numbers can be tabulated. From this, you can effectively formulate a strategy and implement it. You will also be able to get a deep insight into the expectations of the audience from these metrics. Well-performing and less-performing stories can be analyzed and compelling content can be structured accordingly. This will also increase your audience count by making them fall for your reformulated content. 

6. Collaborations 

Reaching out to wider audiences can be seamlessly done with collaborations. When you take the initiatives to collaborate with influencers, brands, and businesses, you are paving the way for development. New people will notice you and they will start exploring your handle. They will reach out to you to see if you are making relevant content. In this way, you will be able to grow your audience and be a successful person on Instagram. Also, you will gain insights into developing your Instagram account with such collaborations. 


It is not to be forgotten that growing your audience is a process that takes a lot of time. Persistent efforts and strength along with a strong formula are the keys to achieving on Instagram. With such huge popularity and population, working on unique strategies is vital. Along with your formulated strategies, you can use the above-mentioned strategies to grow your audience for specific Instagram features.

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