Light Therapy for Skin Tightening: Helpful or Fluke?

Light therapy has brought a significant change in the skincare industry. For the past few years, the popularity of light therapy has skyrocketed. Along with many celebrities and influencers, many skin-conscious people are now leaning towards light therapy.

Light therapy is a natural means of therapy. Specific wavelengths of light are used for achieving the targeted skin benefits. Research has shown that light therapy can bring back the elasticity of your skin. It can reduce wrinkles and make your skin look younger.

Today we are going to describe how light therapy can tighten your skin and how you receive the therapy.

How Light Therapy Works?

Light therapy assures healing from the cellular level of your skin. All you need to do is buy a good lightbox or book a therapy session with a good therapist. Then turn on the device and expose yourself to the light.

Different colored light works in different parts of the skin. Blue light therapy works as an anti-bacterial for sagging skin. If you suffer from skin conditions like  acne or rosacea, you can use blue light therapy to treat the condition.

When the blue light is projected on skin, it starts killing the harmful bacterias. Blue light has the smallest wavelength among visible lights. Thus, it can penetrate deeper into the skin. Blue light makes the bacterias inefficient and reduces the redness and inflammation of the skin.

Green light therapy gives a soothing effect on skin. Also, light therapy for sagging skin calms your nerves and reduces tension in your skin.

Red light and infrared light therapy helps in healing and repairing your skin. Red light has the highest wavelength among other visible lights. Therefore it penetrates higher in the skin and tissues.

When the skin cells are exposed to light, they gather energy from it. These energized cells then perform their tasks better. Therefore, the skin cells can protect them from decay,  repair, and replicate for the skin’s benefit.

Also, light therapy can increase collagen and elastin protein production in the skin. These proteins strengthen the skin and provide firmness. Any wrinkles can be effectively treated with the help of light therapy.

Moreover, When a person is exposed to light therapy, it can significantly reduce inflammation. Therefore, the skin gets less irritated and gets back its natural glow.

Light therapy also positively influences the circulation of the body. It can effectively enhance the blood flow for the best of the skin. It provides a comfortable warmth throughout the treated area and makes sure blood can travel from one place to another. It keeps the skin healthy and hydrated.

Overall, light therapy addresses all the portions of skin condition and induces healing and repairing of it.

How to Receive Light Therapy

There are various shapes and sizes of light therapy devices available in the market. Some come in lightbox shape, some come in wand shape, and some look like masks. These devices can also vary in size and the color of light.

If you want to treat all your body at once, lightboxes are the best device you can have. Some lightboxes stand on their own, and some will require fixtures.

The wand and the mask are used for treating smaller places. The wand comes in handy to treat skin conditions like acne and rosacea. On the other hand, the masks can treat the whole face at once.

Some light therapy masks can feature more than one kind of LED light to emit different colored lights. They are the best for addressing various skin conditions at once.

After getting your preferred device, you will need to turn on the light and keep it near your skin. It will automatically start providing benefits to your skin.

If you are going to therapy saloons to receive the therapy, you may need ten to twelve sessions for your skin to heal and repair. As the home devices are less powerful than the devices at the therapy saloon, you will need to use the device more frequently.

You can receive light therapy with your home device for fifteen minutes five times a week. If needed, you can increase or decrease it by discussing your dermatologist. Each therapy device comes with instructions on how to use it. Make sure to read it and follow the process.

Are There Any Side Effects to Light Therapy?

Light therapy is completely natural and safe. As LED lights are used in these lightboxes, no harmful UV rays are present there. It can give you a soothing warmth on your skin.

However, if your skin is too light-sensitive or you have medications that make your skin light-sensitive, you may experience temporary redness. Also, sometimes pregnancy can make your skin intolerable to light. In such cases, make sure to consult your doctor before you administer light therapy.

Blue light at night can mess up your sleep routine. Moreover, if you have bipolar depression, light therapy can influence the maniac period. Therefore, it is wise to consult a doctor or therapist before getting light therapy.

Other than that, too much light intensity can harm your eyes. Using safety goggles is always recommended. In case of redness and inflammation, consult your doctor immediately.

Bottom Line

Light therapy has been here for almost fifty years now, and it is here to stay. Many industries have adopted light therapy for the benefit of their audience, and skincare therapy has already made light therapy their own.

A vast number of people are now using light therapy for skin tightening and getting rid of wrinkles. It has given them fresher, softer, and younger-looking skin and boosted their confidence.

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