What is a lipid profile test and who needs it?

Health conditions like diabetes, heart attack, and high blood pressure are very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs because along with these diseases, issues like high blood cholesterol and triglycerides come as well that need equal attention and care. Therefore, the lipid profile is studied well to avoid any such issues escalating into big problems.

What is a lipid profile?

A lipid profile is a panel of blood tests that help in the initial screening of tools to look for any abnormalities or complications in the lipids like cholesterol and triglycerides. This is very important as it can help us understand the intensity of the risk that comes with cardiovascular diseases and identify other genetic issues.

Some people are at a major risk of cholesterol in their lipids and should get a lipid profile test at the earliest to take the necessary precautions if required.

The factors that increase the risk of high levels of cholesterol are the following:

  • If a person has a strong history of cholesterol in their family. Cholesterol is highly affected by hereditary and anybody who has this issue in their family should be careful.
  • A person who has issues like obesity or eating disorders.
  • Have a habit of drinking alcohol very frequently and in large capacities.
  • Excess intake of nicotine and tobacco through cigarettes.
  • Have a very unhealthy and lazy lifestyle that does not involve working out and eating healthy.
  • Usually, men who are 45 years and above and women who are 50 years and above are at a higher risk of developing high levels of cholesterol in their bodies.
  • Problems like hypertension, heart issues, diabetes, and other organ-related issues can shoot up the cholesterol levels in your body high.

Sometimes, apart from major diseases and problems faced that are mentioned above, there can be even other minor symptoms that would also require a lipid profile test for knowing the underlying reasons for those issues.

The other minor symptoms that also require a test are as following:

  • If you are dealing with headaches, jaw pain, or tooth pain then you should get tested as there might be other reasons for such symptoms.
  • If a person is facing difficulty in breathing or feeling breathless very often.
  • If your upper middle abdominal area does not feel alright and you are suffering from nausea and stomach-ache.
  • Indigestion or hypertension are also valid reasons for getting tested.
  • If you have sudden chest pains and frequent sweating.
  • If other body parts like arms and back randomly start paining, then do get yourself tested.

To get a lipid profile test done, certain prior requirements need to be followed, so that the result of the test provides accurate information.

The process of getting an accurate test is:

  1. This test is also known as fasting lipid profile since the prior requirement includes fasting. The patient is asked to fast for 12-14 hours overnight before the sample for the test is collected.
  2. During the fasting window of 12-14 hours, you are allowed to consume water only. Other beverages like tea, coffee, milk, etc. are not allowed before submitting the sample.
  3. In case a person has a daily dosage of injecting themselves with their diabetes medications, they need to consult with their physician regarding the fasting lipid profile.
  4. Even before starting the fasting period, there are certain measures you need to follow for the entire day before the submission of your sample. Those include- No consumption of alcohol, No eating high-fat food, No excessive exercise to be done.
  5. The type of sample taken for examination is blood. A blood sample is collected from a vein of the arm for testing.

Having to deal with high levels of cholesterol for your entire life can be very tough as there are many restrictions on food and other lifestyle activities that you need to follow. To avoid such a phase, some great food items are very helpful in keeping the cholesterol levels in your body at moderate levels.

Such food items are mentioned below:

  • Barley, oats, and many other whole grains
  • Fruits are extremely helpful. Some fruits like oranges, pear, banana, and apple are highly recommended.
  • Eggplants and okra are very helpful in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. There are many other vegetables as well.
  • Legumes and beans. Especially kidney beans, lentils, and chickpeas are very rich in protein which is a highly nutritious element that the body needs to avoid abnormal cholesterol levels.

Apart from maintaining a diet, daily habits, and lifestyle also play an important role in keeping a person fit and healthy. Make sure you exercise regularly and take proper care of your body so that you do not face any such issues. Do get tested if you are facing any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

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