Life with roommates. Pros and cons

Today, people live differently. Some love loneliness and are big introverts, and others like living with someone because they are big extroverts. What are you?

We don’t know what you are, but we definitely know the advantages and disadvantages of living with roommates. 

We learned this first-hand from a company that deals with Coliving, which means living in shared spaces. And we now offer you this resolution tips from

Cons of life with roommates

It has been proven that if you ask people what news they want to hear first—whether it’s the bad or good, most people will tell you that they want to hear the bad news first. 

That’s why we decided to start with the cons of living with roommates.

As one of the main disadvantages mentioned by people living in the same household with roommates, “Intolerance” is almost in the first place. We each have our moods. Sometimes we are in a bad mood and other times we are in a good mood. 

Tolerating someone in a bad mood is quite a difficult thing for many people if the person in a bad mood shows it in a bad way. Maybe he’s screaming, he’s grumpy, and so on. You should keep such a person away from you for a while and let him calm down, and if it’s you who’s in a bad mood, try to calm down, or go to your room and deal with it there. 

Never bother other people by spoiling their mood just because something went wrong. On the contrary, take advantage of it because it is your roommates who can help you.

Then there are the ground rules you must follow. 

If you do not have a room with a private bathroom, it may happen that just at the time when you need the bathroom, someone else will be in there. God, that sometimes happens, and that’s what the regime is designed to do as much as possible. 

Every roommate should have their time in the bathroom for personal hygiene and no one should occupy it. 

The regime is therefore a kind of disadvantage, because it does not have to stay only with the bathroom, but it can also be a dispute over TV. Someone wants to look at something else and it can be a problem. 

If you rent the apartment all by yourself, then you have no regime. You just do everything the way you want. It’s a little more challenging with roommates. What are we going to lie about? Nothing!

Because Coliving is based on the sharing of space with people from different cultures, countries, occupations and religions, there is a great need for communication, understanding and comprehension. 

You just have to accept that someone is vegan and that someone else is eating meat again. You have to accept that someone just wants to watch TV and you have to accept that someone eats just when you want to eat too. 

You have to communicate with peace and quiet. Otherwise, quarrels and violence will arise, and no one wants that.

Pros of life with roommates

Now let’s tell you the good news about living with roommates.

Each of your roommates, including you, has passed an initial check. This means that you have been evaluated as people who can easily share common areas with someone else. 

So you don’t have to worry about sharing common areas with someone who wouldn’t go through the initial screening and might be a delinquent, a rapist, and so on. 

You get to live with people that the Coliving company has chosen as suitable, so you don’t have to worry about problems. In addition, people who have common interests are often connected, which is why Coliving is very interesting because you can talk about what you enjoy with the people you live with.

If something happens to you or you have a health problem, it is likely that you will receive immediate help from one of your roommates. 

This is a great advantage, as it has been proven that many health problems or even fatal injuries arose because there was no one nearby to provide first aid. 

Thanks to your roommates, you can therefore feel much safer than when living alone.

Your roommates will become your friends and, better yet, they can become your lifelong friends. If you manage to live with them in one apartment without any problems, then it will definitely lead to long-term friendly relations and, let’s face it. 

What is more than friendship? We think—a real friendship. If you lived alone, you would make much worse contacts. 

It’s safe to think that even your roommates have their friends whom they will definitely be very happy to introduce you to, and thanks to that, you will create a really large community of friends around you that you will love and you will never feel like you are alone.

There is, of course, the financial advantage. The rent is divided among all residents of the property and thus you pay a much smaller monthly rent than you would pay if you lived alone.

In addition, there is help. Many times people can’t deal with a problem, and sometimes all you have to do is talk to someone about the problem, and that’s what your roommate will definitely guarantee. 

You can confide in him or vice versa, and they can offer you their perspective on the matter, based on which you will then know how to go about a certain issue. It’s a kind of new and free psychology, but talking and being in touch with someone is really a very big advantage.

We are far from telling you about all the advantages of roommates, but we know that they clearly outweigh the disadvantages. And if you’re an extrovert, don’t even think about anything else. 

The right roommates can literally change your life for the better, and we believe that you will have the right roommates with whom you will live well. 

And even if not, Coliving is very flexible, so you can rent another room in another house with other roommates who may fit you much better. Who knows? You should definitely try it.

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