How to incorporate a compact home office into your smaller home space

If your home is on the smaller size, it can be quite difficult to understand and decide where is best to situate your workspace and working from your bed, dining room or kitchen table, or even your living room couch may not always be an option due to a variety of different circumstances. However, a compact space does not always mean that you cannot have a great workspace, in fact, there are several easy ways to adjust and improve sections of your current home to include a great compact home office. Here we will discuss. 

Cupboard/wardrobe desk space 

Why not kill two birds with the one stone by decluttering your cupboard or wardrobe space by getting rid of any unused or old belongings and clothing, and then use this space as your compact home office. This project can easily be completed within either a bedroom or spare room wardrobe, or even a kitchen or hall cupboard, however, you must ensure that there is space for a desk, a fold down desk or even a large shelve to be placed within the wardrobe/cupboard for your desk space surface. As for a chair, this can remain outside of the wardrobe and brought over at the beginning of your working day.

Guest or spare bedroom

The reality is that your guest or spare bedroom is not often used to its full ability each day. Unlike your own bedroom, the bed itself may be lucky if it gets used at least 1-2 times a month therefore, let’s use this space to its full ability and move your office space into this room. This is a great room to use as you can use the furniture and other devices within the room to your full advantage throughout your working day. For example, the sofa, drawers for files and documents, and even the TV! To utilise space, we would like to hope that your TV is situated on the wall and if not, where have you been all this time!? TV wall mounting is so sleek and modern! Click here for TV wall mounting services.

Folding wall desk 

A folding wall desk is one of the easiest components to install to set up a home office. This can simply be placed anywhere within the home, preferably a bedroom, kitchen, or even your hall space, as it can easily be stored at the end of your working day. The only limitation to this desk is that storage space is limited once folded however, to tackle this, you can easily find other storage facilities within your home to use when required. 

Dressing table desk

What better way to use a piece of furniture than to use it for two purposes? Your dressing table will already act as an appropriate surface for a home office space, and the station is likely to be complete already with a chair. So why not use this area for getting ready as well as working? It is important to ensure that you keep this desk space clear so that your personal belongings are not getting tied up within your work belongings, so extra storage facilities next to the dressing table may be a wise idea. 

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