How is Pune helping corporates to grow business?

Pune, often called Maharashtra’s cultural capital, has become a popular destination for startups and corporates alike. Apart from becoming a leading startup epicentre of the country, Pune has evolved into an automobile and manufacturing hub and plays host to several world-class universities and educational institutions. But how is the city helping corporates take their business to the next level? Let’s dig deeper to find.

Multiple coworking spaces

When weighing the option of coworking space in Pune, you’ll be spoilt for choices.Whether you need a hot desk, dedicated desk, cabin, or dedicated office space, you’ll get them all in the city.For corporates looking to find suitable coworking options for their employees that are closer to their homes, Pune offers a lot of variety to pick from. Apart from making available modern amenities that you’ll need to work conveniently and flexibly, some of these shared office spaces even have spectacular views, which will be hard to find in the city’s famous neighbour – Mumbai.


Since the city’sreal estate cost isn’t as steep as Mumbai, setting up traditional offices is easier on the pocket in Pune. Even when companies decide to set shop in coworking spaces or allow their employees to work from such shared offices, they’re much cheaper than their pricey Mumbai counterparts in most cases. Since companies can save significantly by setting up a base in Pune and running their affairs from the city while being close to Mumbai, it has become their preferred destination due to its cost-effectivity. It’s important to notice here that Mumbai is 146 kilometres away from Pune by road while the aerial distance between the two cities is 120 kilometres, thus making Mumbai easily reachable by both road and air.

Talent pool

A survey by India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development on higher education in 2017-18 ranked Pune 4th as it had 442 colleges, along with 100+ engineering and technological institutes. Since then, the city has added to this list, which has played a role in attracting and nurturing diverse talent. Some of its notable educational institutes and universities are the ICFAI Business School, AIMS Institute of Management Studies, Savitribai Phule Pune University, IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research) Pune, Symbiosis International University, and Deccan College.

Easy access to this massive talent pool (especially tech talent), nurtured by a large number of high-quality academic and research institutes, is a key factor in helping corporates climb the success ladder as they can fill vacant posts almost effortlessly making it easier for the corporates to run their businesses.

Business-friendly policies

The government’s innovation-friendly initiatives and policies – be it the MahaParwana (Mega Permission) Scheme to boost FDI and encourage entrepreneurs to set up a business in Pune or the city’s Digital Strategy 2020 to transform its digital economy, have helped businesses work more efficiently while leveraging technology and other amenities to scale up. Together with a robust infrastructure, all the above have helped Pune-based corporates grow their business.

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