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When you consider purchasing a new automobile, what initial thoughts pop up? It’s the brand, model, and manufacturer of your ideal car. While the aforementioned data are essential indicators of an automobile, there is one more thing, an important indicator that is sometimes underestimated: the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The VIN of your vehicle is an essential identification for you, your insurance agent, and your technician. You should consider it the background of your motorcycle — everything from a collision to an oil change is documented utilizing the vehicle identification number.

Furthermore, the VIN indicates where and when the vehicle was manufactured. It specifies the brand, year, manufacturer, and model, as well as the customization level, which includes special features and specs. VINs on a car are unique 17-digit elements that provide information on the registration and manufacturing details. Hence, these details are vital during its sale and purchase. Now, without delay, let’s discuss what you can find from your motorcycle VIN through VinPit, the best online tool!

Part 1:What does the character in VIN Number mean?

The details given here will assist you in a deeper understanding of each set of VIN characters:

The First Character

It indicates the vehicle’s production area. Your motorbike was made in North America if it has an A, but it was made in Asia if it has a J, K, L, M, N, P, or R.

The Second Character

The second character identifies the nation in which the motorbike was made. It’s familiar to see a BMW motorbike constructed in Mexico or a Japanese ATV manufactured in Canada.

The Third character

Power sports car makers use the third character to designate the vehicle class. It could denote a motorbike, ATV, or scooter. But the identifiers used by suppliers differ.

4-9 Characters

The 4-8 characters in a VIN demonstrate the details about the engine size, model, and body style. Whereas character 9 ascertains the authenticity of the VIN.

10-17 Characters

The 10th character of VIN represents the car’s marketing model year. Whereas characters 11 to 17 denote the assembly facility, production number, and available options.

The location of the VIN number varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most motorcycles have the VIN located under the steering wheel or under the foot of the cylinder. VinPit offers a service that allows owners to know their cars regardless of any manufacturer. Check your VIN here to learn all the stories of what’s happening to your car

Part 2: How to Check a Motorcycle VIN using the VinPit tool?

Before proceeding with VIN decoding through VinPit, you must know where to find it. So, VIN can be detected on the dashboard in the vicinity of the driver’s side windshield, at the car’s engine bay, and sometimes on the engine block.

The car’s door jamb is another location where the VIN is stamped. Once you’ve obtained the VIN, simply follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Visit the official site of VinPit, a top-notch free VIN decoder.

Step 2. Provide the 17-digit VIN in the “Enter VIN number” box.

Step 3. Hit the “Start Search” button to continue.

VinPit offers access to a plethora of online databases. The major sources are the following: Government entities, motorcycle retailers, salvage yards, manufacturers, insurance firms, motorcycle service centers, and other organizations are among authorities.

Within moments, you will have a detailed VIN background report describing the motorcycle’s vital facts. When there are no warning signs, you can proceed with the reasonable expectation that your transaction is authentic and secure.

You will be safe by learning everything you can before acquiring a second-hand automobile. It requires minimal effort, and you will be rewarded with a plethora of data that will assist you in obtaining a decent bargain. Nothing makes more sense than conducting a car VIN lookup before purchasing.

Part 3: Why Do a Motorcycle VIN check?

A motorbike VIN check may be required for a variety of reasons. With a motorcycle VIN check, for example, you may obtain all servicing facts about the motorbike, such as how often it is maintained and if it has had any extensive renovations over its lifespan.

Among the other explanations are the following:

Check if the merchant is telling the truth

A VIN check will reveal the motorcycle’s characteristics and the last stated odometer reading. Compare these against what the vendor has said, and you’ll know if they’ve been truthful right from the beginning.

Investigate title problems

A VIN check can provide information on a motorcycle’s ownership records. When you conduct a VIN lookup, you can examine all state title registries and see if they match the vendor’s claims.

Check whether the bicycle has been stolen

Is the vendor avoiding addressing fundamental motorbike concerns? It’s a crucial indicator that a bike has been hijacked. While you may not have participated in the crime, purchasing a seized motorbike unintentionally might be incriminating and result in legal consequences.

You may conduct a VIN check with VinPit or utilize the NICB’s VIN check tool to determine whether a motorcycle was stolen. If it was reported stolen, it would appear on a VIN report. You can also go to your nation’s DMV.

Spend less money

A VIN search should disclose a second-hand motorbike’s latest market value, bidding, and accident history. With these details, you may better haggle with the dealer and avoid overpaying for your trip.

Identify bikes that have been recalled

A VIN inquiry can also assist you in locating motorcycles that have open warnings for security or other reasons. A recall indicates that the motorbike might not be as reliable or that a component is malfunctioning or performing poorly. Aside from VinPit, the NHTSA uses the VIN number to search for a motorcycle’s recalls and safety data.

Part 4: Top 3 Advantages of Doing a VIN Check

VIN deciphering is faster

There is never sufficient time to do it all during the day. It might be time-taking and laborious to manually update your car registry to verify every vehicle’s data. This is especially true given that numerous stages may be simplified with the assistance of a VIN decoder.

Removes the uncertainty of Specifications and Advantages

Automobiles have become more complex than ever. Consequently, it’s possible to miss identifying or recording a vehicle’s characteristics and specifications. A sophisticated VIN decoder will determine what is recorded in the car’s VIN number and the existing and accessible extra equipment and other vehicle data.

Finding open recalls

While a year, manufacturer, and model inquiry can provide broad safety recall details, it won’t notify buyers whether their car is subject to an open recall. As it is vehicle-oriented, a VIN search feature is vital for customers to locate active recalls on their car or a vehicle they intend to purchase.


Buying a brand-new automobile is an intriguing prospect. However, prior to signing anything, ensure you’ve done your research. Reimbursements are difficult to acquire. Hence, doing your thorough research, in this example, through a free and quick car VIN check, VinPit is, thus, your best option before purchasing it in the first place.

These are the ideal places to find a VIN. When you need help finding it, contact your shop, explain to them the model and manufacturer of your vehicle, and they’ll inform you where the VIN is.

You may also consult your vehicle’s registration statement or the owner’s handbook (in case you have it). Otherwise, exploring the VIN on paperwork, insurance identification card, and the Federal Safety Certification label is also possible.

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