5 things you should know about good quality bed and mattress

When shopping for the latest furniture, the mattress is hardly ever the first thing that comes to our mind. While adorning the house with chic furniture, new beds and modern modular kitchens, mattresses often fail to attract the attention of the house- dwellers.

Most people fail to comprehend the major role that mattress plays in our sleep and overall well-being. Providing gentle support, the good quality mattress for your body type can correct your posture, get rid of backaches and even enhance the quality of your sleep.
Mattresses are almost like the Elysian gates that open to our dreamland. Coddling us in a peaceful slumber, mattress affects the physiological and psychological equilibrium of the body. If you have pulled an all-nighter or two, you are no stranger to the ill-effects of not getting enough sleep. An uncomfortable mattress leads to chronic insomnia and poor quality sleep that can leave your with a persistent feeling of groggy uneasiness.

Besides the obvious, here are five surprising ways in which your mattress affects your sleep and health:

Body Aches

Most often when we suffer from chronic low back pain or neck aches, we often blame the busy work schedule or virtually everything other than the hidden culprit, the mattress. Mattress affects the posture of sleeping, quality of sleep and even safeguards you against the number of ailments that can come with not getting enough sleep. The wrong kind of mattress, instead of equally dividing the body weight, puts more pressure on some body parts such as the neck and the back causing the myriad problems.


Before you spend thousands on the doctor’s bill, make sure the main culprit behind your chronic sleep disturbances and insomnia is not your old mattress. Comfort-ability of mattress is an essential quality that you should look for while making your purchase. Before you hand out your money to the salesperson, lie down on the mattress and check for its quality. Mattresses vary according to the needs of the owner. Make sure that your mattress is comfortable enough to provide a good night’s sleep.


Your mattress can be the cause of your allergies. The dust and microbial organisms that stay hidden on the surface of your old mattress can lead to an acute case of allergy in individuals who are already predisposed to the disease. Make sure to use only the highest quality mattresses to avoid succumbing to ailment. Additionally, you should also change your mattress once in every five to ten years depending on usage to keep it in the most optimum condition.

Weight Gain

Poor sleeping habits and insomnia can produce hormonal changes in your body that can lead to an unwanted weight gain. Consider switching to a new mattress if you are having difficulty falling asleep in your bed.


Stress has become a constant companion of the modern day life. From office pressure to stress for upcoming exams, there are no shortages of incidents in life that can make us jittery and anxious. A sound sleep at night for at least eight hours is needed to curb the ill-effects of stress. Memory foam mattresses can help relieve the pressure from the body and reduce your stress levels.

Choosing the mattress can be a tough and mundane job yet one that needs to be done to ensure a good quality sleep and to stay hearty and hale.

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