Gold Engagement Rings For Would-Be Couples

Gold is an elegant and long-lasting metal, which makes it the most sought-after material for designing brilliant jewellery pieces. Gold jewels come in various designs, shapes, and sizes, from a nose pin to an earring to a necklace. And when it comes to symbolising a relationship with a trustworthy foundation, gold is considered the best because of the reliable durability it offers to whoever wears it. Getting engaged is the first step towards establishing an unbreakable foundation for a marital bond. Hence, it needs to be cherished with long-lasting jewellery pieces of gold.

Given the trust and loyalty that gold symbolises, both men and women prefer gold engagement rings for each other as they take their journey beyond ‘me’ and ‘you’ to ‘we.’ The jewellery designers understand the value of gold in the life of the couple-to-be. In addition to the metal, the designs too play an essential role. Hence, they come up with something unique that symbolises the uniqueness of the couple’s bond. Not only do they have the perfect design for agold ring for women, but they also offer the most elegant ones for men. After all, the event is memorable for both. Hence you could ignore none of their preferences.

Types Of Gold Engagement Rings Currently In Town

Simple Round Rings

In the world of artificial attractions, there exist those who love to carry simplicity wherever they go. For such individuals, there are simple round rings. Though this is mostly the choice of men, a few women go for such designs as they don’t prefer having anything heavy on their ring finger. For them, the simpler the design is, the better it is. These rings come with broader as well as narrower metal bands. While the grooms mostly choose the former to be, the latter is specifically designed for the women in town.

Oversize Motifs In The Centre

The gold bands with a prominent and solid motif on top are highly preferred, especially by men. The women who also want something non-girlish to put on their fingers opt for these designs. These motifs come in various forms, from Trishul to chakras. These could be of broader diameters or small circular shapes carved on top. You can make your choice based on what your other half would love to wear. In fact, take your partner to the shop and decide together.

White Gold Ring

The trendiest of all at the moment is those white gold engagement rings. These rings are more intricate than yellow gold and hence preferred for their durability and elegance. If your partner loves to have a stylish look with whatever she wears, this one is what you should opt for. The best part is that these rings would suit a person of any complexion. It offers a glamorous look, especially to the bride-to-be.

Final Words

Once you visit Vaibhav Jewelller’s store to choose a gold engagement ring for women or men, you will come across various collections. Give a pleasant surprise to your beloved in the form of this gift for life. However, if you think you need to learn your partner better, allow them to accompany you to the store. You can choose for each other together. Plus, couple ring sets offer complimentary or twin ring designs for couples to exchange for a lifetime.

Visit the store and order your pair today!

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