3 tips on how you can get more from your Amazon business

Whether you have actually tried to sell anything on Amazon or whether you are just thinking of starting up a store as a side hustle, thinking that it is easy and straightforward may not get you the results that you think it will. As with all areas of selling online, there are tricks to be learned, and in order to get the maximum financial gain from your Amazon store, you will have to run it very much like the business that it should be rather than a paying hobby.

1. Don’t be shy about your products

When you are selling anything online, it is important to provide your customer with as much detail about the product as you possibly can. This is so that they can make a well-informed choice on whether or not to make the purchase.

It is, therefore, very important that you provide lots of photos of the product and not just stick to stock photos, which can, let’s face it, be misleading for the customer at times. In fact, to go that one step further, you could provide a short promotional video as well as photos and written information about your product to make your listings stand out that little bit more to your potential customers and show them that you really are an expert and the place to go for the products that you are selling.

2. Invest in the correct targeting tactics

You may be surprised to know that there are tactics that can be used even when selling on a site such as Amazon. It is not just a case of posting your listing and then sitting back and waiting for the order to drop into your inbox. In order to get the maximum number of sales, you need to be ahead of the game in more areas than one.

This is where businesses such as Nuanced Media, which specialize in the “how to sell well” and “how to target interested prospective customers,” come into play. Having a business like this at your back, with all their sales experience, could help your own sales and your customer base expand with results that you will be able to see. 

3. Offer different packages to your customers

It is important to understand your customer base and what they are likely to want as regards to items that you are selling. Indeed, some customers look only for being able to buy items in multiples as generally there are savings that can be enjoyed by shopping in this manner. It is, therefore, highly beneficial to you, the seller, to have these options available for your customers to take advantage of.

Offering a little bit of a saving or a buy two get one half-price can entice more customers into your sales funnel than you realize and could have them actively searching your business out in order to buy more products from you in the future. However, you may instead opt for inserting a discount voucher in with their purchase so that they will undoubtedly visit your site before they go looking anywhere else when it is time for them to place another order for that particular product.

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