Follow These Tips And You Are Bound To Get Your Bond Back

Follow These Tips And You Are Bound To Get Your Bond Back!

Everybody has to move out of a place at some point at least once in their lives, times change and we need to pack up and go somewhere new. This process can be a bit more complicated if you happen to be renting, you have paid a bond and now you want to get it back, but sometimes it’s not that easy. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure your former landlord pays your bond back without making a fuss!

  • Clean Up! -It’s best not to leave the clean up until the very end, take your time and make sure no speck of dirt or grime remains for your inspector’s nose to twitch at! If you have kept a tidy household from the beginning and performed proper maintenance, it will make it a lot easier on you at the end. If you need a little extra help getting things shipshape, then all you have to do is engage the services of the end of lease cleaners in Brisbane who can put their expert tools and talents to work to make sure you win back that bond! It will be well worth it, saving you money as well as a big headache.

  • Provide Sufficient Notice – You can’t just ring up your landlord to tell them you’re moving out over the weekend and expect to get your bond back! It takes them time to prepare the property for a new tenant, and the chances are the length of proper notice to vacate the premises is written in your lease agreement, look it up and abide by it- in fact, give them a little extra notice time just to be nice, it’s bound to be worth it. Also, make sure to put your intention to vacate in writing and send it by registered mail so you have proof that you have followed the process correctly.

  • Be Paid Up – It’s very important that you have paid your rent in a timely fashion and have nothing outstanding that you owe before seeking your bond’s return. It’s always in your best interests to pay rent on time, or you run the risk of being blacklisted on tenancy databases, or even make yourself vulnerable to expensive and embarrassing litigation. All of that can make it much harder for you to apply for a future rental property, not to mention say good-bye, Mr Bond!

  • Attend The Final Property Inspection – Your landlord is going to require a thorough inspection of the property before they agree to refund your bond. They need to see the condition you have left the place in, which is hopefully as good or nearly as it was when you first moved in! It’s important that you attend this inspection so that you can answer any questions and represent yourself if anything unfair should be attempted by an unscrupulous landlord. Be there to be sure!

We hope this helps you get that precious bond back, it’s worth the trouble to not have any trouble with it!

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