5 Essentials Checklist you must stock up during Corona Quarantine

We are all locked down for 21 days and it may extend to 1 more month depending on the situation in the country. It all depends on the number of irresponsible people roaming on roads with no purpose. We are all isolated with almost no time given to buy our essentials. Avoid going out to buy anything and prefer online shopping even if the deliveries are being delayed due to government rules. Here are the checklist of essentials you must stock up during the quarantine/lock down.

1. Medicines

This is the most important of all. Buy medicines for next 1 or 2 months in advance for all your family members especially for elders and children.

Medicines to buy during Quarantine

Apart from the prescribed medicines for the known health problems of your family members, it is better to keep medicines for general health issues as you may not be able to even visit a near by clinic or local doctor.

Some of the medicines I stocked up are

Dolo 650 (pain and fever)

Azithromycin (bacterial infections)

Cetirizine (allergy)

Calpol (for Kids)

ORS powder (for weakness)

Eldoper (diarrhea problems)

Saridon (headache)

Gelusil (heartburn, acid indigestion, stomach upset, bloating)

Where to buy Medicines?

As per the government rules, most of the pharmacies are open. However, I recommend you to order medicines online unless you need them urgently.

I have ordered medicines from both 1Mg and NetMeds. NetMeds is delivering late (12-13 days), while 1Mg is delivering in 5-6 days. The best thing to do is order for 1 month each from both websites.

1Mg Offer : Sign up on 1mg app with my code FUDZ62 and get Rs 50 1mgCash + get 25% off on your medicine orders.

NetMeds Offer : Sign up with my referral coupon code “RAM0355” and get 23% off on your medicine order. Download App here: https://jzx3.app.link/oG8OLnAymW

2. Baby Essentials

Skip reading this and go to next point if you don’t have a child at home.

If you have a baby at home, diapers and general syrups are must to stock in. Order diapers enough for 2 months and general medicines like Calpol, Chestron (may change depending on what you use regulary for your baby) and Woodwards.

Where to buy Baby Essentials?

Amazon had resumed their deliveries in select cities. Try ordering from Amazon or FirstCry websites if they are delivering these.

3. Kitchen Essentials

Here is list of ‘basic’ items you need to stock up for your kitchen. We can adjust with everything else if we have the below items.

Water Cans (keep 2 or 3 extra)
Rice Bag
Wheat Bag
Tea/Coffee Powder
Milk Powder (as a backup if milk delivery also reduces)
Gas Cylinder

Shopping List Corona Lock Down

Where to buy kitchen essentials?

Again, try to avoid going to market. Buy from the vendors who come to your home if possible.

Otherwise, try ordering from Amazon Pantry section because the most popular vegetables delivering website bigBasket is cancelling the orders (they did mine and my friend’s orders) on the day of delivery.

4. Storable Vegetables

Keep a stock of storable vegetables (required for cooking and can be stored for many days) like onions, garlic, potatoes, tamarind, lemons, sooji etc. If you don’t have any vegetables to prepare a curry on a given day, you can use any/all of these to prepare a dish and eat with rice or roti.

Where to buy Storable Vegetables ?

Try ordering from Amazon Pantry section for these items as well.

5. Domestic Hygiene Products

Hygiene products are very important this time. You need to keep yourself, family and your house santised every 8-12 hours to prevent corona virus.

Essentials During Quarantine

Here is the list of hygiene items

Hand Sanitisers
Hand wash liquid
Floor and Bathroom cleaners
Bathroom freshners

Where to buy Hygiene Products?

Try ordering from Amazon Pantry section for these items as well.

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