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The Complete Guide to an SEO Audit Report Tool

The detective examines the cadaver. The cause of death was blunt trauma to the head, probably caused by a candlestick, and the murderer is…

Like a detective investigating a murder or a medical examiner performing an autopsy, an SEO audit involves looking at the result and working backward instead of forwards. Why are we not at the top of the first search engine results page, or even on the page? Why do we have such a low conversion rate? Why do we have such a low PPC?

To answer these questions, you need a good SEO audit report, and to get a good audit report, you need the right SEO audit report tool. Great SEO companies like Linkgraph provide a free SEO audit tool that can address the SEO factors of any website: quality content, link building strategy, and technical SEO.

Quality Content

This is the first and basic step for On-page SEO Optimization. Quality content begins with proper keyword research having been performed before the first word on a webpage is ever written. Target keywords and the general text throughout the entire website must be relevant to the target audience. Those who break this golden rule will be punished by crawlers, and this will affect the site’s SEO performance.

It is also invaluable to understand that your content is not limited to the text of a webpage. The page title, the URL, the meta description, the title tag, and all other tags affect SEO performance and qualify as content. To check the quality of optimization of all On-page SEO factors, you can use special SEO tools. For example, one of such tools is SEO Checker by Sitechecker.

However, SEO is a highly technical and broad concept. Startup agencies may find SEO tasks daunting and difficult, especially without experienced people to handle the job. Link building and outreach entail a lot of patience and hard work using the right tools and techniques. Moreover, creating quality content for a quickly increasing number of clients can be challenging.

But you can still attain SEO success by using white label SEO services. With white label SEO, agencies hire another company to manage client order fulfillment, especially bulk content orders. Outsourcing SEO tasks to another company with expert SEO specialists can help optimize your revenues by allowing you to serve more clients needing high-quality digital content. 

Therefore, if you own a digital marketing agency, white label SEO can help you delegate tedious SEO tasks, like web content creation, and focus on other critical aspects of your business. So, how can you find a reputable white label SEO service provider? Check this white label SEO report for more details.

Link Building Strategy

The use of backlinks has been around for quite some time. Internal links are useful for navigating the site, but it is the use of external links that has been found to be more useful for generating organic traffic and SEO Optimization, according to Moz DA.

Link building is really just the most up-to-date form of networking in the 21st century. As this networking gets more and more complex, it might become too specific for the general entrepreneur to master. By having backlinks to web pages with a good Moz DA ranking, you naturally build a synergistic relationship that increases the page authority and search engine results of all parties. Any entrepreneur who wishes to employ this art to the fullest without compromising the company’s digital marketing brand may wish to outsource to some type of white label link-building service and track progress with a white label SEO report.

Technical SEO

When Google was young, web page owners used to get away with irrelevant keywords and all sorts of bad SEO practices. Now is a new day and Google is, by far, the most dominant search engine on the planet. In consequence, Google has brought order to the chaos with crawlers like Google Caffeine and search engine spiders, looking for would-be offenders to be punished and would-be heroes to be rewarded. Those who wish to have high search rankings must have access to good technical SEO.

During website analysis, one of the most common SEO issues to pop up is bad technical SEO. This is due to the fact that bad technical SEO, by its very nature, is insidious. What may seem like quality content to a human may not necessarily be quality content to an algorithm. That is why you may need a good SEO consultant in order to have good technical SEO.

Since Google is the dominant search engine, a solid knowledge of Google Search Console and Googlebots would also be helpful. In fact, the exciting new science of Google Analytics is invaluable for good technical SEO.

The years 2020 and 2021 have been years of hyper-digitalization. thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Website owners can love or hate this trend, but they cannot fight it. If your webpage is not getting the search results that you desire, you might want to consider getting a free SEO audit while the opportunity is still available.

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