Co ord Sets for Women New Fashion Statement

The New Rage in Fashion – Co-ord Set for Women

The fashion Industry never fails to surprise the world! The industry has gifted us with yet another gem, co-ord sets for women. They are the new rage among women from all age groups, no matter where they come from. These chic co-ordinates are everywhere from small towns to metropolitans, and everyone from celebrities to college students is seen wearing them every day. So, what is the fuss about? What are these sets? Why are people crazy about it? We will answer all of your questions here, along with some styling tips.

Co-ord set women derive their name from the word co-ordinates, and it means a set of clothing meant to be worn together. This is not a new concept; it has been around for a long time. It was a popular style in the 70s which has again become popular with people. They are perfect if you want to elevate your wardrobe and add some quirky outfits to it.

Co ord Sets for Women
Co ord Sets for Women

There are mainly two types of co-ord sets for women

Co-ord set with skirt

These sets are so much in trend for young women out there. The cute sets of matching skirts and tops can make you feel like a Barbie doll. With the Barbiecore aesthetic being so much in trend these co-ord sets for women are not lagging behind. They have a skirt and top mainly and can have an additional layer too. If you want a cute girl next door vibe, these skirt co-ord sets are your best bet.

Co-ord set with pants

These co-ord sets for women with pants are the perfect outfit choice if you are looking for a poised and edgy look. They are trending for all the right reasons, from the chic look to the versatility of mixing and matching pants or women trousers and tops in different combinations. You can wear them to lounge around, to brunch parties, to run errands; basically everywhere. So what are you waiting for? Go and shop for these beauties today!

Styling tips for Co ord Sets for Women
Styling tips for Co ord Sets for Women

Styling tips for Co-ord Sets for Women

Wear your Co-ord Sets with heels

When you wear a set of overalls, whether it be a pant set or a skirt set it can need extra accessories to balance the repetitiveness of the outfit. We know you love your comfy flats but a pair of heels can add the much-needed oomph to your outfit if you are wearing a women co ord sets. And a pair of heels can never be a bad styling choice, so add them to your outfit without a second thought.

Know where to wear them

As cute and comfy co-ord sets are, not all of them are appropriate for your 9-5, and not all of them will look flattering on a vacation. So knowing where to wear which outfit can make a huge difference in your styling game. Say for example elegant co-ord sets with pencil skirts will be more appropriate for work but an oversized linen set is more appropriate for a vacation. But whether you want to party, lounge around, work or go on a vacation there is a co-ord set for every occasion out there.

Mix & Match your co-ord Sets for Women

A huge reason why these women co-ord sets are famous is because of this very styling benefit. When you wear a jumpsuit or a dress, there are only so many options when it comes to styling. With co-ord sets being a combination of different pieces, you have the benefit of mixing and matching them for other outfits. For example, the shirt from one co-ord can be an added layer to another outfit and a skirt from a co-ord set can be styled with a different top to make an entirely new outfit.

Add an occasion-appropriate Bag

You can never go wrong with carrying a bag with your outfit, no matter if you are at work or on a vacation. A bag completes the look like no other accessory. A work tote with a formal co-ord set, a basket bag on a vacation, and a backpack with a sporty fit can accessorize your outfit.

Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize

Do not shy away when it comes to adding accessories to your outfit as it will break the simplicity of the outfit. Adding belts, hats, and statement jewelry can elevate your most basic co-ord sets even.

Add or Subtract the layers

Coord sets can be amped up by adding or removing a layer very easily. You can add a jacket to a co-ord set or you can even remove one layer if it is a three-piece women’s co ord sets. This is a very simple way to switch up styles and make your outfits less repetitive.

Experiment with patterns

Co-ord sets for women come in a variety of patterns and they are such a great way to experiment with various types of patterns. From checkered sets to abstract prints the market is full of options and the perfect playground for experiments. Don’t shy away from prints and enjoy the little joys that come with them.

Don’t forget to wear your confidence

Ever heard of the famous saying ‘Confidence is the key’? This goes for every one of your attires but when wearing something as trendy and bold as co-ordsets for women you need that confidence a little more. Do not forget to wear that along with a smile on the side to shine through your day.

Fashion is nothing but a way to express oneself and these trends give us the roadmap for expressing ourselves. You need to add your own charm to the trends everyone keeps following and leave your mark behind. co-ord sets for women are all about making fashion fun and easy for everyone and many e-commerce sites offer so many unique styles for you to have fun styling for every occasion. Glamly is one such site that gives you plenty of options to stay on trend and delivers fashion to your doorstep.

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