8 Cheapest Courier Services from India to the USA

More than 3 million Indians are living in the USA. Many of these people are involved in daily jobs and businesses. The main aim of everyone is to earn a good amount of money. These people want to interact with their friends and family that are living in India. 

Even India’s domestic sellers are looking to enter the International eCommerce space. However, international eCommerce comes with various hurdles. One of the major hurdles that sellers are facing is worldwide shopping.

If you are looking for the best courier service from India to the USA, then stay tuned with us. We are going to talk about the best courier services available in the market. Also, read USA Car Test Drive Offers

Different Shipping Modes 

There are various modes of shipping available. However, only two methods are relevant for international shipping. You can either ship by sea or ship by air. 

You can choose between these two major methods. The choice will ultimately depend on these factors: cost and timing. If you want to quickly transfer the parcel, then you should choose the shipping by air option. However, if you want to save money, then you should choose the shipping by sea option. 

Shipment by sea is the most cost-effective method available. However, it will take a lot of time. Thus, if you are in hurry, then you should choose the shipment by air option. You have to pay more money if you are using the shipment by air option. However, your parcel will be delivered in a few weeks or days.

These are the factors that you should consider before sending your parcel. However, the receiver needs to visit the local customs office for receiving your items.

Are you an Indian living in USA – here are some money saving tips for you.

Why you should plan a budget for International Shipping?

If you want to launch your own international business, then this section is very important for you. Suppose you are opening your own international eCommerce business. You will get fewer orders in the beginning and it will be easy to fulfill them. However, your profits will decrease if your numbers of orders are increasing.

This happens when you have improper budget allocation. Proper budget allocation will help you in saving a lot of money. Planning a budget will help you in understanding the actual cost of your products. Thus, you might need to increase the price of your products.

It is very important to do proper budget planning before starting your eCommerce business.

Should I buy insurance before shipping my items to India?

This is a genuine question as your item might break during the shipment. The answer will ultimately depend on the item that you are sending. If you are sending a valuable and expensive item, then you should get your item insured.

However, if your product is not valuable, then you shouldn’t waste your money on insuring your product. You should always read the insurance regulations and rules before ensuring your product.

Fastest and Cheapest Courier Service from India to the USA

We have already talked about the importance of courier services. Now, we are going to talk about the cheapest courier services available. These courier services offer efficient delivery services and they won’t go beyond your budget. 


FedEx is the most famous courier brands for shipping. They offer services like FedEx International Economy, FedEx International Priority, and FedEx International first. FedEx can ship to more than 220+ countries like India, the USA, Europe, Africa, and Canada. 

The costs start at around Rs. 2000 for a parcel of 100gm. Thus, they are relatively expensive when compared with other courier services. However, they are one of the most reputable courier brands. They are especially good at dealing with dangerous and hazardous products.


DHL has 50 years of experience in international shipping. They offer advanced tracking systems, billing systems, and shipping tools to their customers. These features will help you in fulfilling your shipping needs. DHL is perfect for you if you are looking for a low-cost and reliable courier partner. 

The shipping rates of shipping starts from 240 Rs for a parcel of 100g. These prices can go up to 320 Rs per 100g if you are looking for faster delivery.


Aramex is providing special shipping services to established and new eCommerce businesses. If you are a business owner, then this is the perfect shipping service for you. They can ship to more than 220 countries. Also, they have offices in almost every corner of the world.

If you are a seller, then export express is the best shipping for you. Value export express is the best shipping service provided as it is both economical and fast.

Courier Force

Courier Force claims that they have the cheapest courier service. Also, their shipment process is more transparent and reliable when compared to other services.

They are providing door to door delivery services. Courier Force will pick up your parcel from your house in the USA and they will deliver it to your destination address. They will deliver your parcel in 2-4 working days. 

The initial price of Courier Force is more when compared with other courier services. However, the price decreases as your item weight increases. They will charge you around 2390 Rs. for 1 kg. However, they will only charge you 8120 Rs. for 10 kg. Thus, you can use it for shipping heavy items.

Parcel Monkey 

This is one of the cheapest courier services available. You can use it for sending shipments from the USA to India. 

You can calculate the fares by using their online shipping calculator. This will help you in effectively comparing the shipping charges with other courier services. 

You should first weigh your item and entire its weight in the online calculator. Parcel Monkey will send you a price quote. The price will vary according to the shipping time and weight of your parcel. 

However, Parcel Monkey charges very less when compared with other courier services.

Fastway Express

Fastway Express is one of the most reliable shipping services available in the world. They will deliver your parcel securely. 

Fastway Express is offering expert delivery services to its customers. Their shipment process is affordable, secure, and efficient. 

They are also offering an efficient tracking process. You can easily track your items. Also, they are offering free packaging services to their customers.

The documentation process of Fastway Express is very simple. You can submit the document form on their website. After that, they will send you a price quote. The price will ultimately depend on your item weight. 

If you think that you are getting a good deal, then you can schedule a pickup. They will offer you various payment options. You can either pay at the time of delivery or at the time of scheduling. 

Ship Rocket 

Ship Rocket has partnered up with Aramex, FedEx, and DHL. Thus, their pricing is very competitive.

You can use white-label for tracking your parcels. Also, they will ensure that your parcels are delivered before the given time. Their pricing starts from Rs. 220 per 100 g. This is very cheap when compared with other services.

Garuda Vega

Garuda Vega can deliver your parcels to India in only 5 working days. They are providing economical and fast courier service from India to the USA. 

You can go to their website and fill up the online form. They will send you a price quote. If you think that you are getting a good deal, then you can generate the payment. They charge you $9 per 1 pound.

Garuda Vega will send you an invoice after receiving the payment. You need to label it on your parcel. After that, you can either use the pickup service or deliver your parcel to their office. The pickup service is free. 


These are the cheapest courier services from the USA to India. You can use them for sending your parcel from the USA to India and vice versa. 

You should check all the services available before making your final decision. Try to find the cheapest and most reliable option available in the market. 

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