Celebrity Influencers, Who Became Members of the Digital Currency Club in 2021

A truly drastic change occurred in 2021. It followed the hype surrounding NFTs (non-fungible tokens). More people from the group of the rich and famous, began to make an entry into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Read on to know more extensive information about Binance.

These celebrities have become the influencers, subtly encouraging their fans to emulate their actions. They are the eager explorers of the sub-ecosystems that exist beyond NFTs. They consist of diverse investment, trading, and gaming avenues.

Here are five of these influencers.

Maria Sharapova Favors MoonPay

Maria Sharapov is a legendary name in the world of tennis. Therefore, her investment  in MoonPay, is bound to bring rich dividends for the company! It offers solutions for cryptocurrency payments.

Emulating Sharapova’s example, other celebrities, like Bruce Willis, Gal Gadot, and Justin Beiber, have also invested in the organization. Additionally, 60+ individuals have linked hands, to support a Series A funding venture.

The investors, include the rich and famous supporting varied industries, such as media, music, entertainment, and sports. The venture launched in November 2021, and has already received $87 million in funds.

Matt Damon is a Philanthropist

Along with Gary White, this Hollywood superstar had founded Water.org, in 2009. It referred to an initiative for advocating and supplying clean water to people. The initiative attracted the attention of Crypto.com. The digital currency exchange donated $1 million towards this cause.

Crypto.com also requested its users to contribute towards the cause. The movie star, however, has not publicized his investments in the cryptocurrency arena. However, he did take part in a commercial sponsored by Crypto.com. The wordings were – Fortune favors the brave. With the bearish trend causing huge losses to investors, they did not take kindly to this statement!

The Partnership between Connor McGregor and Tiger.Trade

Connor McGregor is amongst the group of highest-paid athletes. He is the UFC superstar! He has attracted public attention recently, for partnering with Tiger.Trade. It refers to an application that engages in trading of cryptocurrencies.

A condition of this partnership is that the superstar participates in an in-house game. It permits users to participate too. If they win, they gain exclusive rewards. This way, McGregor becomes an ambassador for the company, too.

The game became popular because of its prizes, and graphics. However, critics lamented the absence of a story.

Earlier, the UFC hero had only been engaged with Crypto.com. It had come about via UFC partnerships with the company. Then, the fighters in digital currencies, had received monetary bonuses.

Floyd Mayweather Returns to the Crypto World

He is a well-known, highly-reputed, boxing champion. He had entered the cryptoverse, way back in 2018. At that time, he had been promoting Centra Tech. Unfortunately, it had turned out to be a high-profile digital currency swindle.

The fraud related to cryptocurrency projects that were unvetted. Mayweather, and DJ Khaled (partner) were promoting these projects. As a result, the investigating authorities demanded that Mayweather pay a fine of $600,000. Khaled had to pay, $150,000, as a fine.

Mayweather learned from his mistakes. He took all precautions when launching a new project. It was Mayverse, comprising of 5,000 NFTs, in the form of a collection. However, the public, and especially, his fans, display mixed feelings. They are wary, while remembering his previous record of accomplishment.

The Bored Ape NFT Belongs to Eminem

He is also famed as Marshall Mathers. He has garnered public attention, thanks to investing in NFTs. Unlike others, he has not expressed interest in selling NFT collections. His investment has taken the form of a purchase. It refers to the buying of BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) NFT, for $460,000.

This NFT should suffice to immediately remind the public of the 15-time Grammy winner. The NFT displays a khaki army cap and gold chain necklace. Eminem dons them in real life.

Eminem began his bonding with crypto, way back in 2018. He even mentioned BTC in Kamikaze, his album. Thereafter, he expressed his interest in digital currency investments, via his purchase of NFTs. June 2022 saw him releasing a music video featuring a BAYC NFT theme. The video showcased Snoop Dogg’s talents as a rapper.

Nonetheless, Eminem is cautious about publicly fancying any coin/token.

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