Black Friday Offers Roundup – 2022

Are you looking for the best Cyber Monday and Black Friday offers on your preferred WordPress products? The coming days are the ideal opportunity to get premium WordPress plugins in order to expand your company.

As always, we have compiled the top Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers for WordPress for 2022 to assist you in finding the greatest offers.

There is a LIMITED TIME ONLY for these offers. The date that each deal expires is noted next to it. At the time this blog article was published, several deals were not yet active, but they would be throughout this week.

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The WooCommerce Order Export plugin is here to help you run your business. Exporting data (directly to your inbox or FTP), column reordering, tracking orders, and many more are just some of the features. You still didn’t get this plugin? With Black Friday around the corner, we’ve decided to give you a 50% off the price. Go to the site: https://jem-products.com/woocommerce-export-orders-pro-plugin/, and apply code bf2022oe in the checkout!

Code: bf2022oe

Valid until: 5th of December

WP Sticky is a plugin that makes any title, menu, or other widgets visible when the user scrolls down the page. Because there is plenty of room on your content’s left and right sides, you may utilize WP Sticky for desktop websites. This plugin is handy for mobile users if the intention is to stick to the menu or call to action button. Get it this Black Friday for a special deal and 60% off. Go to the site: https://wpsticky.com/, and in the checkout, apply the code: bf2022sticky.

Code: bf2022sticky

Valid until: 5th of December

Simple Author Box is a simple plugin that adds an entirely responsive author box at the end of your posts. As the name suggests, it is simple, yet it nevertheless has various customizable features that are likely to satisfy even the most demanding of users. You can get it with the 60% off via this Black Friday deal. Go to the site: https://wpauthorbox.com/, take it to the checkout, and apply the code: bf2022.

Code: bf2022

Valid until: 5th of December

The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin gives you complete control over how shipping and rates are handled. The pricing at the checkout will be determined by the possibility of creating a rule based on conditions in this plugin. Any WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping user’s initial impressions include high flexibility and a user-friendly environment that offers the best possible client experience. This plugin’s features are organized and accessible through collapsible sections. We’ve decided to give you a 60% off this Black Friday. You have to go to the site: https://jem-products.com/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping-pro/, take it to the checkout, and apply the code: bf2022trs.

Code: bf2022trs

Valid until: 5th of December

WP Force SSL can assist you in redirecting unsecured HTTP traffic to more secure HTTPS and fixing various SSL problems without modifying a single line of code. All you have to do is enable Force SSL, and everything else will be set, including the SSL certificate. The entire site will be converted to HTTPS using the SSL certificate. This plugin can also generate a free SSL certificate for your site using Let’s Encrypt, regenerating it every 90 days. Get it on this year’s Black Friday deals. Visit the site: https://wpforcessl.com/, and apply code: bf2022ssl to get a 70% discount.

Code: bf2022ssl

Valid until: 5th of December

With the help of the premium WordPress plugin UnderConstructionPage, you can quickly and easily create eye-catching under-construction, sales, or landing pages. You can utilize the plugin’s many pre-built templates on your website while it is still under creation. Get it this Black Friday with a 50% off the price! Just go here: https://underconstructionpage.com/?coupon=bf2022.

Direct link: https://underconstructionpage.com/?coupon=bf2022

Valid until: 5th of December

You may easily enable and disable the coming soon mode on any website you desire by using the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin. You can use it to design your logo, header, background, content, and more. Additionally, you get access to traffic analytics through the plugin’s interface. One of this maintenance plugin’s more inventive features is the countdown option. Get it this Black Friday with a 50% off: https://comingsoonwp.com/?coupon=bf2022.

Direct link: https://comingsoonwp.com/?coupon=bf2022

Valid until: 5th of December

The WP Reset plugin fixes websites that malfunction due to bad plugins, failed updates, or just being too chaotic to manage. It can perform everything from a basic media library cleansing to a complete reset that completely deletes everything. By allowing you to construct collections of themes and plugins and to switch between versions of WordPress seamlessly, it also helps you to customize a site to be just how you want it to be after a reset. You can get 50% off this Black Friday. Just follow the link: https://wpreset.com/?coupon=bf2022.

Direct link: https://wpreset.com/?coupon=bf2022

Valid until: 5th of December

WP 301 Redirects is a popular premium WordPress redirection plugin. Its primary function is to save you from losing visitors due to broken links, incorrect URLs, or server changes. This can help with SEO because consumers will know where to find your pages rather than receiving another 404 error. You can get it 70% off just this Black Friday. Interested? Just click on the link: https://wp301redirects.com/?coupon=bf2022.

Direct link: https://wp301redirects.com/?coupon=bf2022

Valid until: 5th of December

You can easily add as many maps as you like to your site with the Google Maps Widget plugin. They can be inserted anywhere, including inside posts, menus, and sidebars. You may also include the widgets in your article by pasting a shortcode. Get it for FREE only this Black Friday: https://appsumo.8odi.net/oerR4E.

Direct link: https://appsumo.8odi.net/oerR4E

Valid until: 5th of December

WP Maintenance is a plugin that allows you to work on different areas of your website without your visitors knowing. It’s a great option for developing an excellent maintenance page that will keep anybody who visits your website interested. This plugin can also be used to create pages such as coming soon, landing pages, sales pages, and under construction pages. Just go to the checkout on the site: https://wpmaintenancemode.com/, and apply this year’s Black Friday code: bf2022m to get a 70% discount.

Code: bf2022m

Valid until: 5th of December

WP Links assists you in repairing and managing links. This plugin has all of the functions you require. It contains an excellent link scanner that verifies the validity of all your links and determines whether they work or lead to harmful websites. You can also build an unlimited number of link rules. You can get it 70% off the price this Black Friday. Just go to the site: https://getwplinks.com/, and apply the code in the checkout: bf2022links.

Code: bf2022links

Valid until: 5th of December

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