3 Outdoor Activities for Active People in Budapest

There are almost unlimited things to do in Budapest. It’s the home of nearly 2,000,000 people. A friend of mine once called it ‘The Hungarian City of Opportunities’. And he was right, it’s true. In Budapest, you can do anything you want. Do you want to go on a hike? There are dozens of hiking trails near the city.Do you prefer running? You can find running tracks in almost every park. Are you more of a swimmer? No problem, there are 8 swimming pools you can choose from.

What are the best adventures for people who want to have an active holiday?

Climb the hills around the city

There are 45+ hiking trails in the area of Budapest. It’s definitely an advantage if you have a car, but the following trails are easily accessible via public transportation as well.

If you want to have an active holiday, put one of the following on your ‘things to do in Budapest’ list.

Before leaving, make sure you have a fully charged smartphone and a pair of proper hiking boots.

Climb the highest hill of Buda

The highest point of Buda is Nagy-Kopasz Hill. It reaches up to 559 meters. Its peak is more like a wide plateau, covered with trees. Find the lookout point and explore the area from the top.

Find the mini-Grand Canyon of Budapest

Back in those days, Fox Hill was the biggest limestone quarry in Budapest. Now the yellowish rocks and tower-like limestones look like the miniature version of the American Grand Canyon.

Hike with a cup of mulled wine or a lángos

Drinking mulled wine and eating lángos are typical Hungarian things to do in Budapest. The city’s most popular hiking trail has both. Normafa is like a forest above the city – it offers both tranquility and proper infrastructure, with restaurants and other vendors.

Take a walk in the City Park

The City Park is the second largest park in Budapest and the best place if you want to escape the unrest of the city. Around 80% of it is a green area, with more than 6,500 trees – it gives you several opportunities to walk around, explore or even chill if you want to.

Once you get tired of walking around and exploring the park, you can visit any of the 3 museums, have a snack at Gundel, one of the leading restaurants in Budapest, or chill at The Széchenyi Thermal Bath.

It’s also the home of the Municipal Zoological and Botanical Garden, the Grand Circus of Budapest, and during wintertime, The City Park Ice Rink. There are plenty of things to do in Budapest’s City Park.

Go swimming or running on Margaret Island

For active people, Margaret Island is a paradise. The entire island is a huge park, without almost any buildings or traffic. 

If you are looking for things to do in Budapest, and only have time to visit one place, I recommend you choose the Island.

You can find a mini zoo, an outdoor theater, a sports center, a bath, and some pools as well.

It’s one of the most popular running spots in Budapest, as there is an approximately 5 km-long running track around the Island (5350 meters to be exact), giving you a unique view of every side of the city.

In case you are more interested in swimming, Alfréd Hajós Sports Pool is your place. It’s a facility with 1 indoor and several outdoor pools.

How to get around Budapest?

In Budapest, you can easily get around by using public transport. There are metro lines, trams, trolleys, and buses connecting every spot of the city. It’s good but boring.

However, if you are looking for adventures beyond the regular touristy things, we might have something in our pocket for you.

Budapest is renowned for its alternative transportation methods. Electric rollers, segways, and comfortable MonsteRollers are ruling the streets. This cool, new means of transportation can give you a memorable experience on its own – not to mention the freedom that comes with it.

You can find several service providers in the downtown area, offering you both freeride rentals and guided tours.

Guided tours are the best way to get to know the city. Freeride rentals are the most enjoyable way of getting around the city if you’re already familiar with it.

Budapest can offer you literally anything – you should just know where to find it. 

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