5 online marketplaces to sell without VAT

Creating a second income is a wise decision one can make while he is working in a 9-6 job which makes him financially independent in future.

There are lot of ways to devise your second income, selling products on the online marketplace is considered as one of the best ways to generate sustainable income.

It’s not easy to list your store online, without registering your company you cannot list out on major marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart you need VAT and CST to become seller but these process will make you think again about “becoming an online seller”

But fortunately, there are few online marketplaces where you can sell without VAT and CST.

Continue reading to explore the list.


Ebay is the only online giant which ropes many sellers on board without any registration you can start selling by simply creating an account on Ebay and PaisaPay (eBay’s payment service) account.

To register for PaisaPay account you need a Bank account which will be linked to your seller account.

Once you are done with both the account you can start listing your items online.

sell without vat
eBay Seller Central

Click to register as Ebay seller.

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Infibeam the second largest e-commerce store with 100 crore revenue in this list allows sellers to list their items without VAT and CST but PAN card is mandatory.

sell without vat

CraftsVilla is a marketplace where you can sell unique handmade, vintage and organic products.

VAT certificate is not mandatory to list your product here.

sell without vat


sell without vat


It’s an online flea market where you can sell handmade products right from apparels, shoes, fashion accessories, household products, gift items, chocolates and many.

sell without vat

Again TIN is not mandatory.

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If you are a student, homemaker, unemployed or seller you can start building your store on Kraftly.

sell without vat


You can sell men and women accessories, notebooks, T-shirt, kitchen and dining products and much more.

Bonus Tip : You can sell books and unstitched clothes on Amazon without VAT and CST certificate.

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15 free audiobooks sites to download

Some people like to read but some people like to listen but the intention is same both groups of people are looking for information to upgrade their knowledge.

Even in readers, some want to touch and feel the book and half go online with Kindle. But I love to listen than reading.

The main advantage of listening is, you can do while lying on the bed while traveling, while walking or exercising you don’t need light or particular setup to gain information.

Knowing the grace for audiobooks, the price of one audiobook is high and people who listen more cannot afford that much.

But there are few websites where you can get some free audiobooks under different categories.

Free Audiobooks sites


free audiobooks sites

Librivox lists more than 10,000 books in 30+ different languages including non-English works.


On openculture, you can find many interesting free education materials.

free audiobooks sites

Under the category audiobooks, you can find more than 700 free audiobooks ready for downloads.


Before it was Book Should Be Free

free audiobooks sites

Free audiobooks are listed under 20 different categories right from kids to adults.

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This directory features free audio books, video, talks, interviews, speeches and many other useful pieces.

free audiobooks sites

You can listen to over 10,000 free audio and video titles.


If you love listening to stories then storynory is the great place to listen.Got 100+ stories for children and grown.

free audiobooks sites

All the downloads are mobile compatible.


Here you need to pay $0.00 for listening to audiobooks means 100,00+ free digital audiobooks are absolutely free forever.

free audiobooks sites


Here you can listen to great fictions performed by multiple actors. Its modern radio dramas.

free audiobooks sites
New Fixtion

8.Thought Audio

Thought Audio got limited number of classic and modern stories.

free audiobooks sites


Got a wide range of collection ,you can either listen to free audio books or you can download free ebooks.

free audiobooks sites


Fiction, non-fiction, academic and textbooks audios are available free. Here you can either add a book to your library or download and listen.

free audiobooks sites


Available in five different languages including Dutch, Spanish, French, German for children, teen, young adults, and adults. Easy navigation and more collection.

free audiobooks sites
Pin On Pinterest
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Serving fiction podcasts more than a decade for free. You can also submit your own fiction podcast here.

free audiobooks sites


This library contains digital recordings from Naropa poetics, LibriVox, Project Gutenberg, Maria Lectrix and Internet Archive users for free.


You can browse through more than 40000 best sellers, new releases and classic audiobooks from every genre. You can download it directly to your iPhone, iPad, Android or computer.


15.Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg making some great literature available in plain text into audio books .


Two read versions 1.Human-read 2.Computer generated

Human-Read read by human whereas computer generated is automated electronic voice.

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something newDalai Lama

Common people speaks intellectuals listen, listening to good books or speeches will ultimately empower you. So do listen to good people.

If you find this curation free audiobooks sites useful please do others favor by sharing it.

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Online rummy games to make money from home

The Recent time we are seeing a lot of online and television advertisements on playing online rummy games and winning a big cash but don’t you think its gambling and what you are earning are others hard earned money.

Online rummy game’s creators are calling rummy as a game of skill against a game of chance.

Game of Chance is what we should call as gambling not Game of Skill, the money you are earning from online rummy games are considered as a reward for your skill so it is legal to play rummy.

online rummy games
Online rummy six players

Supreme Court of India stated-

A game of skill, on the other hand – although the element of chance necessarily cannot be entirely eliminated –is one in which success depends on principally upon the superior knowledge, training, attention, experience and adroitness of the player. 

Golf, chess, and even Rummy are considered to be games of skill. The Courts have reasoned that there are few games, if any, which consist purely of chance or skill, and as such a game of chance is one in which the element of chance predominates over the element of skill, and a game of skill is one in which the element of skill predominates over the element of chance.

It is the dominant element –“skill” or “chance” — which determines the character of the game.—source rummycircle.com

So it is not illegal to play online rummy games.

Almost on all platforms, they are giving you a free chance to practice online rummy with some practice chips but you need to create your own account before you start playing.

It tests your decision-making skill, you need to take a decision within the stipulated seconds whether to take from the open deck or close deck or to finish the game.

First practice with free online rummy games then move on to adding some money.

You need to encash minimum amount to play rummy online.

For example, if you want to play cash game on rummycircle.com then the minimum amount is Rs.25/- .They provide wide payment options right from debit card to almost all bank’s internet banking.

online rummy games

Based on the prize for a respective game, an entry fee is fixed. Just enter and start playing . If you know to play real rummy with hard deck then you can easily adopt this soft deck also.

But if you are new to online rummy games then check out How to play online rummy games from Rummymillionaire.com.

Playing online rummy games is really addictive and it provokes you to add more cash and try again irrespective of the money you lost.

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Cash limit on Online Rummy Games

To save you from bankrupt some online game providers allow you to set the maximum amount you can add in a day and in a month to your account. So that you won’t lose your wallet early.

For example, if your daily limit is 500 you cannot add extra money on the same day you added 500.

Adding cash limit feature trying to show this game as the responsible one.

Playing tournaments involves big prize money and big risks so don’t go to tournaments directly start slowly and grow steadily.

On the whole, if you know how to save your pocket from the hole then playing online rummy games is fun and addictive.


online rummy games
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Few interesting platforms where you can play online rummy games.

1.Rummycircle.com 2.Ace3three.com
3.classicrummy.com 4.aslirummy.com
5.jungleerummy.com 6.deccanrummy.com
7.indigorummy.com 8.adda52.com
9.tajrummy.com 10.Gamehouse.com
11.khelplayrummy.com 12.rummy.in
13.gorummy.com 14.diamondrummy.com
15.therummycafe.com 16.rummyonlinefree.co.in
17.Silkrummy.com 18.rummymania.com
19.rummyroyal.com 20.Gamecolony.com

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Online rummy games seem to be one of the ways to make some good real money from home on the condition if you know to play rummy really.

All the numbers and deck are randomly generated if you are losing your money continuously you are not biased or game owner is cheating you, it means your opponent who is taking better decision.

Even if you win continuously it is your own skill, not game providers. Most of the platforms are certified by third parties on their Random Number Generator (RNG).

So playing online rummy games is safe, knowing you aware of what you are doing.

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Careers in Finance Industry

Earlier, a career in the field of Finance was considered as a back office job, which involved documentation and maintenance of records in a back office. Today, with the rapid digitalization and with the corporate market making more us of numbers than real money, has made these careers extremely challenging. India as a country has also seen a great spurt of interest in careers in finance since the time of the liberalization days. Essentially, these careers provide a professional with a pivotal role in the decision making, planning, management and control of the operations in any firm.

careers in finance

While the field of finance offers a wide array of careers for one to choose from like, investment banking, chartered accountancy, financial analysis, wealth management and more; having an appropriate qualification is a pre-requisite to find careers in finance. Most of the people who want to make it big in the field of Finance, opt for business colleges or specialize in commerce or economics. There are also many institutes that offer specific courses like that in chartered accountancy, tailor-made investment banking courses and so on. A lot of people are opting for courses similar to these as they are more intensive, in comparison to the general courses which look for a holistic development.

careers in finance
Image Credit : Imarticus

Apart from these courses, there are also a number of international qualifications that are open to everyone and are valid in India as well. The various accreditations include the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program, Certified Public Accountants (CPA) program, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) program and more.

MBA Courses

Masters of Business Administration or MBA is the one course, which is most commonly opted for by students. A lot of esteemed business schools offer this course, which enables the students to get a thorough understanding of the various financial functions in the corporate world, healthcare, and government as well as management of various operations of a particular firm.

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 Chartered Accountant

A CA or a CS (Company Secretary) program, are two of the most common program that comes to mind when looking for a career in the field of finance. A lot of institutes offer these programs and a background in the field of commerce or economics, can be of immense help here. The exams for both these courses are conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) and a candidate is required to pass about 3 examinations namely, CPT , IPCC, and the final CA exam.

Certification Courses

There are quite a few institutes all over India, offering a number of short-term as well as long-term certification courses, for those looking for a finance career. Imarticus Learning is one such esteemed education institute, which offers a wide array of certification courses in investment banking, wealth management, corporate finance, valuation, value investing, financial modeling, trade finance and more. One of their premium courses is the CIBOP course, this certification course is designed for careers in the Capital Market Operations division in an investment bank and is internationally accredited by the CISI. Imarticus also offers online courses, which the candidates can adjust according to their pace of learning. Their online finance courses include certification in financial modeling, CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), capital markets, risk management and more.

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Interviewbit to land on dream job

Are you the person working in Tier-3 companies and dreaming of landing on companies like Facebook, Google, Booking.com.Then you should create an account on InterviewBit. InterviewBit is exclusively designed for coders.

InterviewBit is a platform to learn skills that you need for technology jobs. They help you polish your skills and get ready for the job, whether you are a fresh college graduate or a working professional.

How interviewbit works?


If you have knowledge of C,C++,Java and Python then you can signup and create an account to solve numerous problem designed for you.

You are provided with problem and editor to solve if you are stuck in the middle you can get a help from the team. For every successful submission, you get points based on the score they rank you which you can see in your profile.

The entire course is designed for three months but more time you spend to solve the problems you can finish and get an offer from companies early.

It’s like playing a game to land on your dream job. Just signup here to enjoy coding on InterviewBit.

You can also link to your Facebook account and can stalk how your Facebook friends are ranked and how much effort you need to invest to beat them.

Above all, you get a video assistance from mycodeschool embedded in your dashboard.

How you get a job offer?

All you have to do is to solve more problems and improve your rank .If you are active and smart enough automatically you receive the job offer from big companies.

If you work harder and rank yourself on the leader board, founders itself will refer you to the top companies.

You can also attend a mock interview to solve similar programs followed in top companies and also an option to get a judgment from the team.

If you are performing well in the mock and referral phase then you can appear in Interview phase.

Once you are done with coding you get an offer from top companies means paying a huge sum.

You will love working on InterviewBit once you are started solving problems.

It’s not only for working professionals but also for fresher to get the job and for interns.

Just signup here to get the job you want.

InterviewBit stands unique in its niche.

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List of free presentation templates

Right from creating your office presentation to presenting your idea on Slideshare you need to build a creative presentation to make your slide reach more people.Attractive slides help you to pitch your idea more efficiently.Here I am listing out free presentation templates for your use.


Right from creating a one-time project to repeated works 100’s of free graphic templates are available .

free presentation templates

2.Slides Carnival

Options to access,create and edit your presentation from your browser or from your home.Easy to share with your friends and co-workers.

free presentation templates

3.Presentation Magazine

60k+ free templates available,for business,transport,food and drink,landmarks,editable maps,wedding templates and much more.

free presentation templates

4.Smile Templates

Free themes for every person and every business + Free Microsoft powerpoint backgrounds designed to suit your needs + Easy to download and use.

free presentation templates


Fully editable, pre-created, animated, color changeable vector InfoGraphic images for Microsoft PowerPoint.

free presentation templates


Each presentation template has a unique look to it. Notice how they look more like printed collateral than a projected slide presentation.

free presentation template


Easy to create, free forever,easy to access ,options to upload your own images and free tutorials to support you to create an attractive presentations.

free presentation templates


More free templates to create an attractive presentation suitable for SlideShare.

free presentation templates


100’s of free presentation templates for students and educators.

free presentation templates


Free powerpoint templates and background PPTs for business and personal use.

free presentation templates


Download free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds with original slide designs for your presentations.You can download free PowerPoint templates and themes compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2007, 2010 and the new Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 but also available to be used on Keynote presentations or Office for Mac.

free presentation templates


Browse products and category ,get an access to multiples of free presentation templates from Microsoft.

free presentation templates


Free creative Powerpoint templates for impactful presentations.

free presentation templates


Free and creative templates to design your Venn Diagrams,social diagrams,bar charts ,presentation for product developments.

free presentation templates

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Blacklist an employee

Blacklist is an alarming word to every employee when they are trying to find better opportunities outside the organization. But do you think employers can really blacklist you? Do we need to analyze why employees are jumping? and why your employers are threatening?

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Why are employees finding opportunities outside?

It’s all about their immediate managers, they got nothing to do with the organization’s structure but all about their reporting manager. If they are supportive, kind and motivating then I can assure your employees won’t leave the organization.

But on the other hand, if their reporting managers are not supportive enough don’t expect them to stay.

Other than immediate managers there is an another practice in the corporate world “Employee Poaching” means employers poach best employees from their competitor’s organization for better salary and designation.

Employees would like to leave the organization not because they are offering high package but not recognized by their present company.

If you don’t evaluate and respect your employee’s talent don’t expect them to stay in your organization.

Other than these two reasons employees say due to a personal problem I am quitting my job but most recruiters don’t accept this reason.

The personal reason may be anything family, work stress, health and many since they are human.

Why do employers want to blacklist an employee?

Have you ever noticed any recruiter saying you due to the bad performance they are blacklisting you? If you don’t perform well they send you to notice to resign. You can understand from this if they are threatening you to stay in the company as per contract means you are performing well and they know well you will land in their competitor’s organization.

They are threatening because they spent more money, time and resources to recruit and train you.

They are threatening you because they don’t want you to land in their competitor’s organization.

They are threatening you because they are also under huge pressure from top management.

They are threatening you because they may run out of employees in a team to complete the project.

What should you know about blacklisting an employee?

To speak technically they cannot blacklist an employee in general domain mean they can blacklist you within the organization but not outside.

For example company “A” the holding company of “B,C,D”.If you are blacklisted in “C” you won’t get an opportunity again to work in any of these four companies but outside these firms.

But if you are working in an IT firm you might have heard of the word NASSCOM.

NSR – National Skill Registry is a database to enter employees details registered under NASSCOM.NSR database is shared to the registered companies to know the verified information about an employee.

When I contacted NASSCOM official regarding this It was clear no companies cannot blacklist an employee on NSR database.

Visit NASSCOM to find whether your company is registered.

Benefits : Signup at InterviewBit to land on the dream companies.

But some job searching portals are providing opportunities for recruiters to blacklist your profile. For example, if you are rejecting an offer for irresponsible reasons or leaving the company soon they may blacklist you in the same portal.

As per employment contract, no companies cannot force you to stay in the company .if you are trying to leave the company during the bond period you have to pay the money spent by the company to train you not more.

But some companies are smartly playing with the bond, few reputed companies are giving training for one year and demanding employees to pay back 12-month salary.


No companies got right to force their employees to serve their organization. They are using the word “Blacklisting” because they know very well if you move against them in court they have to pay huge money.

The one question I want to ask all the recruiters out there is, what do you do with an unsatisfied employee in your organization? Do you think he will be productive?

More than restricting your employees try to focus on why your attrition rate is higher? Try to work on it.

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How to become online tutor?

If you are skilled then don’t fill up your resume and start applying for jobs on job searching portal. Rather than using your skill to improve X company why don’t you sell your skills to live an independent stress-free life? Becoming a tutor is no more difficult innovative technologies made everything simple.

For example, if you are a master in Karate or Chess you can create a brand simply. All you have to do is to name your class ex“Jackie Karate Group” make handouts and distribute in your locale limit yourself to the budget try to get initially 5-10 students then by word of mouth marketing they bring your more enrolments.

You can also associate with schools and colleges to teach the skill to the students by sharing the commission with the institution by doing this you can grow fast.

Later rope in masters from different arts club together and establish a school for self-defence. Not only self-defence any concepts can be scaled.

On the other hand, if you are planning to be an online tutor it’s great. As per Udemy an average tutor earns $7000 from his/her course but few people make very less than what you think. It’s all about your quality of the content and the domain you are choosing .You need to invest more time to create quality content.

If you are teaching any computer languages or software you can use screen recording software like Camtasia, ezvid, Camstudio, Screenr, Bluberry, Movavi, srecorder, deskshare, wondershare, snagit, Icecream screen recorder, Active presenter, Jing, Webinaria, Rylstim.

If you have any queries on your subjects you can also clarify by accessing to free online selected courses in the following platforms.

These free courses will help you to enhance your skill.

online tutor

Where to sell the course?

Once you are done with the course get a suggestion from your friends and experts around to get a feedback and rework to improve the footage.

Benefits: Are you bootstrapped? Don’t worry you can set up your business at affordable price in Bluehost

Are you done with rework? Now you need to publish the course but where?
Few online platforms are allowing you to publish your E-courses free and share a commission on sale like Udemy.com, skillshare.com, opensesame.com,Academyofmine.com(helps you to create, sell and market Ecourse), coursemerchant.com, linda.com, elearningmarketplace.com, learnworlds.com, Thinkific.com, eduncle.com.

Signup in any one of the platforms, fix the commission, publish and market the course to generate revenue.

Avoid publishing the content on Youtube, you need more effort to make huge money from Youtube.

Apart from selling courses online you can also approach schools and colleges to share the video with the students on a certain amount.

Competition to become online tutor

A lot of tutors are publishing contents on Youtube for free from the same niche. But on the other hand premium course instructors are earning more than free Youtube publishers it’s all about the content and the quality of delivery the more you work the more result you get.

Selecting the niche is also equally important to generate more income. For example millions of videos are available on HTML and very fewer videos on Big data analytics so by updating and instructing new technologies the possibility of rising your income is more.

I don’t have any skill to become online tutor
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Do you think you don’t have any special skills to sell? If you are reading this book then you are passionate about money making and establishing your own business which means you have an entrepreneurial skill .You can make money from its simple, find some skilled people make a video, pay them some money own the copyrights of the footages and start selling under your brand name.

Either you can have full control over the course or share the revenue with the tutors. By adding more courses you can establish your own learning school.

Benefits: Improve your skill in your respective domain from world’s best tutors.

Learning the new technologies and following the successful tutors regularly could help you to streamline your courses.

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How to make money with Amazon?

Amazon is the second biggest search engine following Google but the unique fact about Amazon is users browse with a credit card on their hand. Amazon is really a money making machine lot of success stories are heard in India as well as on International stages. Amazon providing an opportunity for both buyers and non-buyers an opportunity to save and make money. If you are passionate about money making and with a little investment you can make huge money from this Amazon. Here I am listing down five effective ways on how to make money with Amazon.

How to make money with Amazon?
1.Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

This one needs little investment you need to buy a merchandise from a single brand or from different brands and start selling on Amazon.

For example : if you want to sell customized T-shirts all you need to do is to either get a merchandise or produce on your own then send it to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Fulfillment centers are mere a warehouse where they store your products and display it on their website. There is no any upfront fee they charge you based on your inventory size and number of orders.

Right from Packing to customer service Amazon will take care of it, all you need to do is to send your products to Amazon they take care of the rest and now you can take rest .Amazon works for you and brings you money you just reinvest and repeat the process.

It’s like you are making money by watching your favorite show on TV without any stress and without any overhead costs.

FBA is the best option when you want to make a second income while working or make money from home but need some investment. I suggest you start by investing a little and then reinvest the profit, grow slowly.

Benefits : Buy “How I Got Four Jobs In Six Months” -A job searching strategy guide at Rs.49/- from Amazon

2.Sell on Amazon

If you are running a store and selling products physically then you can make more money by selling your product on Amazon. All you have to do is to create a store on Amazon, list your products and make a catalog (their Support team will help you if you are stuck in between).

You can also make advertisement on Amazon and it is charged on a cost per click, not on impression.

If you are getting an order Amazon Easy ship will pick the product from your store, Pack it and send it to the customer .The delivery slip holds your name as seller

Difference between FBA and Sell on Amazon

In FBA you need to send the inventory to Amazon but in Sell on Amazon they pick a product from your own physical store.

Charges are based on the number of products shipped and they pay you once in a week.

You can sell clothes, books, Consumables, Groceries, Musical instruments, Toys etc.

By displaying your products on Amazon make you more money than displaying it in a single physical store.

how to make money with amazon
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3.Publish Ebooks

Amazon’s kindle making everyone with little writing knowledge as authors. It’s now easy to publish your books on Kindle store no upfront cost involved in publishing but you need to share the royalty. You can choose either 35% or 70% royalty depends on the selling price you are quoting.

Amazon helps you right from designing your cover page to displaying your product.

By enrolling in KDP select you can increase your visibility which is also absolutely free for you.

People are making millions by publishing their books on Kindle .If you are creative with little writing skill you too can sell more books on Amazon.

Become an affiliate and promote your affiliate link to earn some extra money from your book.

Benefits: Learning Digital Marketing could help you to generate more income online.To learn it completely get this course from simplilearn.
4.Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from any e-commerce websites but you should be serious about money making and need to spend exclusive hours to make some real money.

They share up to 12% commission on selected categories and customized links and banners to accelerate sales.

Amazon also suggests you the best selling products to increase your opportunity. You need to create an account before you promote products. You can track your link’s performance to devise a strategy to get more traffic.

5.Refer and Earn

For each friend who signs up at Amazon and makes a purchase of Rs.300/- or more Amazon pays you Rs.200/- .Enroll refer and earn program

Amazon helps you with single click promotion tools to refer more friends.

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10+ free resume builders online #infographic

Before you open your mouth your resume speaks to the recruiter for you.A good  resume is very important to attract the interviewer and to create a positive impression on you.Creative resumes never fail to create an impact knowing this students and professionals are spending thousands on  their resume building.But there are some free resume builders online to create an attractive and professional resume.

Benefits : Join Simplilearn – Select course – Get certified from world leading certificate training providers – Improve your resume – Overhaul your competitor – Demand hike -Repeat
10+ free resume builders online
free resume builders online
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Benefits : Improve your problem-solving skill to clear first round of an interview.Get Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination by R.S.Agarwal at the competitive price.


free resume builders online
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free resume builders online

Benefits : Buy “How I Got Four Jobs In Six Months” -A job searching strategy guide at Rs.49/- from Amazon


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