5 ways how a content writer can boost your startup.

  1. Your new business is a drop in the ocean – Yes! It’s true, for every new business and start-up. The World on the web is too big and your chances of getting found become very low if your web content is not optimized with relevant keywords. The faster the audience finds you the faster you can convert them into your loyal customers and here comes the role of a content writer, a content writer understand the need and type of your business and writes your web content accordingly, thus saturating it with enough keywords to enhance its visibility.


  1. The world is lazy — Of course, nobody wants to read your whole page it’s the keywords which attract users and those keywords can be framed in a few short lines. A webpage filled with heavy contents is always undesirable and unattractive and trust me nobody would like to read it. Then, how would you sell your products? You can. Tell your content writer about your product and area of service, let him do all the research and accumulate exact keywords, this way he will optimize the content and structure it in such a way that it strikes its intended users.


  1. Are you perfect – As much as it is true about anything it is true about content writing too. Getting help is always good, one person can’t write it all and so it’s extremely beneficial to opt for a content writing service like wordscripts.com, where you can get expert content writers for all your desired domains.


  1. Time is money- This one is the soul of any business, your time is your money. The more time you invest in expanding your business the higher the chances of your success becomes. You can’t waste your precious time writing and editing content again and again when you can get a content writing service in minutes and have your things done quickly.


  1. It’s a super saver deal – A content writing package is all you need for your new and existing venture. Find a best content writing service provider, explain them your product line, sit back and let them do all that tedious writing work for you.


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LinkMagic to earn more from Amazon Affiliates

Blogging is one of the efficacious ways to build a passive income online.

Either you sleep or walk your blog will make money for you and the beauty is even after your death your blog makes money for you.

Though all the blogs are monetized in one or many ways, not all the blogs are making money as expected. But some popular blogs are making unimaginable money.

There are many ways to make money from your blog based on your niche.

Affiliate programs, Sponsored content, AdSense, Banner displays, native advertising and few other direct selling methods.

Bloggers choosing affiliate programs like Amazon or Ebay sell more volumes and make a good commission on successful sale than other affiliate programs.

In the customary method, you have to search for the product and create your own affiliate link and has to place on the blog.

But Linkmagic.co works based on the keywords present in the post. If any keyword matches with amazon products it will automatically create an affiliate link and whenever a purchase is done through the link you get an affiliate fee from Amazon. Simple isn’t?

Linkmagic is a boon for bloggers with many advantages

1.No redirection

An affiliate link created by Linkmagic will directly take your customer to Amazon it will never redirect to third party website and then to Amazon.

There are few infamous programs which will take your reader to the third party where they display some ads and then to amazon. But not here.


This smart tool will automatically redirect your readers to right website based on the country. For example, if your reader is from India it redirects to Amazon.in if it is England directs to Amazon.uk so you need not worry about location.

3.No middleman

Commissions you earned will flow from amazon to your account directly no middleman as in some other programs.

Whatever you earn you take it.

4.Works for all niche

You can write about education, fashion, sports, crafts, electronics or whatever Linkmagic works fine in all the category equally.

5.Highly responsive

According to web analytics firm StatCounter, mobile and tablets have overtaken the usage of desktop and laptop.

Even Google Analytics reports for my blog stating more views are from mobile devices than desktop.

So to cope up this rapid change Linkmagic is highly responsive it works fine on a tablet, desktop, and mobile where the possibility of conversion is high.

How to install LinkMagic on your blog?

It is simple and easy to install Linkmagic

1.Just create your free account by entering details like Full name, Email Id and Amazon tag based on your country on Linkmagic website.

Generated code to place on your site

2.You will receive an activation mail from Linkmagic to activate the account. Copy and paste the HTML code on your website.

3.If you are using WordPress, download the plugin and enter your amazon tag.

As soon as the account is live you can view your stats on the dashboard which could help you to measure the performance of the Linkmagic.

It was then when bloggers made money only through AdSense like programs but growing intrusive against ads urging internet users to install ad blockers in their system (desktop or mobile).

Hubspot in a report revealed that the world-famous adblocker AdBlock Plus has been downloaded over 500 million times and 64% of internet users are annoyed by ads on the website they view.

This growing downloads of adblockers cost the advertisement industry $22 billion dollar which is a big drawback for bloggers.

So no longer bloggers can solely depend on Adsense to monetize their blog they need to start affiliate marketing.

And to become successful affiliate marketer Linkmagic will help bloggers to boost their amazon affiliate earnings.

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WordPress Under Construction Page plugin

Before getting into the core of the subject you should know why this article is important for bloggers or web developers like you.

Apart from blogging on socialtalky.com I am also running an online ticket booking portal where I list out workshops or classes happening in and around the city and it is a localised business.

Whenever I do maintenance if I turn down the website on server and my viewers will be shown the below image.

under construction page plugin

By seeing this some people will lose trust and some may come back but don’t register since it is online money transaction business people need the guarantee for the money they pay.

If I keep on showing “This website is not available” then no will turn up.

Then I was searching for a WordPress solution for this problem on Google and landed up on the free WordPress Plugin “Under Construction Page”, developer’s friend.

Showing error codes not only turn off your viewers but also upsets SEO. Google waiting outside the door will penalize your site for showing error codes to its users which is suicidal.

To avoid all these possible threats, it is wise to display under construction page on your website. So users and Google will understand that you exist but some repairing works are going there and will come back.

It is wise isn’t? continue reading…

Follow these simple steps to install and configure Under Construction Page plugin.

1.Download and install Under construction Page plugin on your website.

2.Configure it by simply hitting settings -> Under Construction

Now you can configure your page.

under construction page plugin

Status: If you enable it then your website will show the selected template by you. Here you can select exceptional cases like 1. Administrator 2.Editor 3.Author 4.Constributor 5.Subscriber based on your selection plugin will hide the website to others.

You can also automatically set the date when the construction will be completed. on reaching the date your website will be open to all.

The best part is you can track how many people visited your under construction page by entering Google Analytical-id.

By knowing the number of users visiting your site you can decide whether to accelerate your work or decelerate.

Not only for setting the deadline but also can add new features or you may get an idea then by analyzing the demography of the visitors.

To get your Google Analytical id of your site.

Go to Google analytics and click your website name you will find an alphanumeric number starting with UA- under Properties and Apps.

under construction page plugin
Google Analytics Tracking Id

By entering the id you can now track the records.

Under construction Page provides you more attractive free templates to be displayed on your page select the desired one to proceed further.

As I mentioned this plugin is highly customizable like you can add Title, Description, Headline and content so rather than showing a simple animated page you can speak to your visitors why they are landed up there.

One of the best features about Under Construction Page plugin is, it is social and I completely love it.

When your website is under maintenance why don’t you take your audience to your social pages like Facebook, Pinterest, twitter or youtube?

This will reduce the bounce rate and help you not to lose your business. You are given more options including mobile number and email address.

Once everything is done just save the changes below.

This is how my website seen when it was under construction.

under construction page plugin
My website is under construction come back later

Developers know how many lines of codes they need to create a page like this but by simply installing WordPress Under Construction Page plugin you can do this in few clicks.

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How to create a wordpress job posting site?

This article How to create a WordPress job posting site is not about creating an entirely new brand to compete with existing popular job portals but works like a job aggregator’s platform from multiple established job portals.

Here we are going to start a website which automatically fetches jobs from popular job portals and display it on your site legally.

Interesting isn’t?. continue reading….

Create a WordPress Job posting site

1.You need a domain to start any .com business so we need to first purchase domain either from Godaddy or Hostgator or Bigrock along with hosting package.

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2.Either you can start this as a blog or exclusive website for job listing.

There are lot of youtube tutorials online to learn WordPress, set it up on your own or hire a professional to set up WordPress.

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Since the above two points are basic and over discussed on the internet let’s move to the core concept.

3.Here comes the main subject on how to create job posting website.

On your WordPress dashboard go to plugin and click add new

Search for Job board plugin “Indeed Job importer” install and activate on your website.

Go to Indeed job importer on the left-hand side and configure it.

create a wordpress job posting site
Indeed Job Importer Settings

1) You can give any name to your campaign.

2) You need a publisher id. To create a publisher id just click “Request one” if you have already one just enter your publisher id.

Why you need Publisher id: Publisher id is a unique identification number for publishers who publish indeed content on their blog or website.

create a wordpress job posting site
Create publisher account

Whenever a job seeker signup or clicks on the indeed job posted on your site you get paid for the referral. So to create a unique link you need a publisher id.

3)Enter the keyword for the jobs to be displayed on your site like Marketing, Business Development, Retail sales, corporate sales.

Based on the given keyword Indeed posts jobs.

4)Select your country of service. Based on your subscription or viewer’s location you can select the country.

If you select India Indeed will post jobs from India only.

5)Select the job type – Full time,part time or contract.

6)Max item import – Fix the number of jobs posts to be published by Indeed everyday.

7)Feed status: Make this active to enable auto blog by indeed.

8)Channel: if you are having more than one website with the same publisher id you can create different links affixing different channel values.

9)Select the category under which the job must be posted.

On socialTalky I am publishing job articles under the category “Career Guidance”.

10)Display template: You can customize the details to be shown in the post like description, state, country, company name etc.,

Once everything is done click save.

Once everything is done successfully Indeed posted 10 new jobs on my blog under “career guidance”.

create a wordpress job posting site
Jobs posted on SocialTalky.com

As mentioned, you can control the number of posts to be published in a day.

So whenever a user clicks on the job post or signup for Indeed you get an affiliate commission. You can also monetize your blog or website by enrolling AdSense.

Here Indeed is taken as an example other than Indeed you can join Juju, Beyond, CareerBuilder, SimpyHired, Authenticjobs, Adzuna and Career jet .Procedures remain same for all job boards.

While registering for publisher id some job portals will ask for company mail address. If you have the one already signup with it else get a free business email address from Zoho.

Two or more plugins can be activated at the same time to import more jobs from multiple job boards.

A research conducted by Gallup (Management consulting company) revealed that 87% of employees are not satisfied with their present job and always looking for a job change so irrespective of the unemployment rate of a country job aggregator’s business continue to exist.

Hope I made it clear if you have any queries please comment down.

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How much money Tamilrockers making in a month?

Tamilrockers is a buzz word in Tamilnadu and a word of panic for Tamil cinemas and people wants to know how much money tamilrockers making , what is the benefit by doing this

Tamil rockers is an online website where they upload Tamil movies and dubbed movies on the first day of the release and few movies before they hit the local screen.

Posing as a big threat to cinema producers but entertaining college students, middle-class employees, and homemakers who cannot afford much on a movie with their families.

The vision of the Tamilrockers is still unknown but it’s very clear if any cinema celebrities make a statement against them then they know how to avenge them knowing their intention many cinema personalities are very careful before they make any statement.

money tamilrockers making

Having a decent fan following on the social medias where they tweet updates on upcoming release on their site and interact with celebs and followers.

Cinema producers made many complaints against them and even tried with some private agencies to arrest and block the domain but whenever they are blocking the present domain tamilrockers simply switching to a different extension.

For example: when tamilrockers.com was blocked they moved to tamilrockers.net and when it was blocked they moved to tamilrockers.cz and if it gets blocked they can go for their customized domain extension.They will update their twitter page when the domain changes.

During the great release of Kabaali in Tamil, Kickass admin Artem vaulin was arrested in Poland but tamilrockers admins were untouched.

Officers even tried to route down the host providers since they keep on changing the domain name they are still anonymous.

Enough said, isn’t it? let’s explore how much money tamilrockers making

I recently came across a blog post and a youtube video explaining how much money tamilrockers is making each day and their sources of income but technically I found those are not the right way to measure how much they make.

So here I would like to explain their business model and how much money tamilrockers making.

As most of them believe, their main source of income is from Popup ads but not Google Adsense.

There are a lot of ad serving agencies which pay admins based on the number of clicks they score.

Google never displays ad on pirated content and adult content sites but some unpopular networks like popAds, popMyAds, Propeller Ads Media, Dynamic Oxygen, Exit Junction, Blacklabelads, BuzzBizz are boon to this kind of pirated and adult content sites.

The payout per click is also competitive with AdSense.

If you visit their sites you will find many ads on their site displayed by above mentioned agencies so now it is clear their main source of income is by displaying ads but how much they can make maximum?

Actually, there is no limit in this passive earning.

Gary Vaynerchuk in his two minutes footage explained “The idea behind the marketing is to grab the attention of the people where they are concentrating

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This is how all the content producing media makes money. If millions of people are watching a particular serial in a specific channel then he will demand more money from businesses to advertise their product or service in an interval.

If a specific magazine is having more number of circulations then they do demand high to display ads because more people are buying it.

Print media makes more money in advertising than selling a magazine (subscription)  that’s the main reason why the cost of dailies and few magazines are not high.

This concept applies everywhere, based on the click through rate of the site cost per clicks increases and websites make money. But to make more money you need more visitors to gain more visitors you need an attractive or useful content.

People feel Tamilrockers is helping them in some way to save their money and entertain them. The only cost they have to bear is an internet(data) cost.

There are two types of audience

1.Who browse carefully so they don’t hit any ads on the page, they are very sure that content providers should not make money though Google serves related ads they open a new tab and browse it.

2.There are few people who click the ad if it is useful to them and encourage the contributor for more useful content.

Note: Encouraging viewers to click ads openly on a site is against Google AdSense Policy which may lead to termination of the account.

Pirated and adult websites usually have very low SEO score and 76% of their organic traffic are for the keyword “Tamilrockers(own domain name) ” and other sources of traffic are from “social media” and “Direct search”.

money tamilrockers making

There are no tools to find how much money a specific website is making but some bloggers and youtubers are using data from siteprice.org, Checkwebsiteprice.com, mywebsiteprice.comYour websitevalue.com, webuka.com, Websiteworthvalue.com, Valbot.com, urlrate.com and many.

But these websites only evaluate based on given URL and the figures they are driving is also not close to actual one.

I checked my newly created website tyrospace.com in the above portals and found results unmatching and not close to actual.

The algorithm differs from portal to portal and the points they consider to evaluate the sites is also different.

To put it in the table lets take Tamilrockers statements from the above portals.

Evaluator Revenue per day(in dollars)
Siteprice.org 0.04
Checkwebsiteprice.com 162
Valbot.com 1220
Urlrate 4884

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From the above figures, you can find a huge marginal difference and the beauty is they evaluate keeping domain as a base but Tamilrockers keep on changing their domain extension and mostly using Srilanka IP.

money tamilrockers making
CheckWebsitePrice’s report

So youtubers or other bloggers guessing the Tamilrockers income based on the above websites are completely wrong and we cannot derive a close match also.

Even intelligence tried to track their bank account through which the money from ad networks are paid to them but the address pointed to innocent one.

From this we  get an idea that they are making a lot of money in this business but how much they make is still unknown. Only they know their vision and bank statement.

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Single tactic to make your post viral and SEO optimized

It’s not only the goal of independent bloggers but also for the professional one’s to increase more views which ultimately leads to good business either it can be through programs like Adsense, Affiliate marketing or through direct product sales.

Your path may be different to earn money but the ultimate aim is to bring huge traffic to your blog.

At least you will aim for one in ten posts to fetch some good returns but most of them in fail in making that.

Before revealing that single tactic, we should understand the difference between viral traffic and SEO traffic.

Viral traffic is not sustainable, things which are the buzz for some time will reach more people but faints in a maximum of one week and then it won’t fetch a decent number of traffic as it was.

But the traffic and business it brings in a shorter period of time are worthy.

So if you want fast growth in a shorter period of time you should plan to make your post viral.

The main source for viral traffic is social media.

On the other SEO optimized posts will fetch you a decent number of traffic daily and it is sustainable one but not all the SEO optimized posts go viral on social media.

So if you wished to have sustainable views for your work you should work on SEO.

The main source for SEO traffic is from search results.

But here I am revealing how to get the benefit of both viral and SEO traffic.

The primary step to make your post viral is to make your “Title” catchy enough with related images.

But when you make your Title catchy you may miss the SEO score for the title but don’t worry about this now go and pick a catchy title and publish your post.

Share it on the social media as much as possible and concentrate on making it viral.

Once it had enough reach and you are satisfied with the outcome.Now go and change the title SEO optimized and update the post.

Make sure you follow the SEO rules to make your title if you are not sure about how to make your title optimize for SEO install Yost plugin on your WordPress blog and it will guide you to make it.

If you want you can change your cover picture also now.

But you should handle this tactic very cleverly because you want to make your post viral don’t put title irrelevant to your content, it should be relevant and need not follow SEO initially and later optimizes the title.

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5 Google Search hacks for bloggers and marketers

Google search hacks for bloggers…hmm… I say in digital marketing these hacks are not only for bloggers but also for digital marketers to keep an eye on their competitor’s move.

You are interested right continue reading …

Google search hacks for bloggers and marketers


Google Search hacks for bloggers

You know there is software where you can find backlinks for the given URL but most of them won’t list out Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter mentions but here right from social media to wherever your site (link) is mentioned google will list it.

For example when I did a search Link:socialTalky.com Google listed out the “URL” mentioned on Neil Patel’s blog comment.

Comment indexed by Google
Comment indexed by Google

Interesting isn’t?

This hack will help you to find where people are talking about your brand and where you should focus .Even you can perform this search for your competitor.

By knowing your competitor presence you can also follow him or go one step beyond him.

Double up your Pinterest followers and drive more traffic to your company’s blog.

Pin on Pinterest
Buy at Rs.50/- from Amazon


This google search hack will help you find the articles related to the words given in the URL .

For example : if I am generating a query like this


For the above query, google will bring results wherever the words “ Techniques,increase, sales, through, facebook” are mentioned in an article  – related posts.

You can find related post for your underperforming articles to know how to improvise and make it competitive.

Updating older articles will help you to gain a better position in google indexing.

“Related:” can also be used to find the sites with similar idea or content .


For example  related:pixabay.com This will show sites similar to pixabay.com


You can also find articles related to given keywords by querying



This one will fetch you some results with the title having a word “marketing”.

You can also query using intext:marketing

This one finds the article with word marketing ,it can be in meta, body, title or at the conclusion google will fetch.

Both “allintext” and “allintitle” can also be used same as “intext” and “intitle” respectively.


To check number and kind of pages google indexing from rival website you can perform a search like this


This query will retrieve all the pages from the given particular website.

You can further refine a search like to find exactly what you want

Adding a keyword before the above syntax will do that for you.

For example Food site:thehindu.com


Will retrieve results only from hindu.com that contains keyword “Food: either in a title or in the body of the post.

Just go and try this on your competitor site.

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You can access all the information that Google knows about a single website using this syntax


It simply lists out links for accessing the resource.

Remember : The above-mentioned hacks work for images, videos ,books and apps also.

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How to get free content for your company’s blog?

Being a strong believer of content marketing, I can say your company’s blog play a major role than any other content materials you circulate.So here I am compiling free content for your company’s blog.

The blog is the best place to grow your subscribers but to maintain the consistency of publishing quality articles you need to know what your customer want, what is trending in your industry, what is your USP and many factors that influence while designing a content.

Being a bootstrapped business you cannot spend more on creating a content for your blog .You cannot hire an individual exclusively for creating and publishing a content.

Rich content is more than mere text, it holds images, infographics, charts, numbers, ideas, problems, and solutions. Creating a quality content is the need of the industry to make it shareable.

How to get free content for your company’s blog?

1.Authors Pool

You can get a quality content from authors pool ,where bloggers publish much original content on different topics .You can reach them to republish your articles related to your industry for free .

If your site is getting decent views and somewhat popular in your niche they will definitely agree to republish the content because a backlink from your site could increase their own blog.

Few of the sites where you can get some free content for your company’s blog is


1.ArticleBase 2.Post Joint
3.My Blog Guest 4.Content BLVD
free content for your company’s blog
2.Announce prize

You can run a contest to get free quality content for your blog.

For example, you can announce a prize amount for sending quality entries on the specific topic and the best one will fetch a good money.

Based on the prize money you will get more entries filter out best articles and publish it on your blog.

Promote the contest on social medias to bring more entries.

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3.Involve your employees

Your employees are the best people to get original and quality content for your blog.

For example, A person handling customers knows the problem and solution your customers facing .Ask him to put down both problems and solution so you could publish it .

Convert numbers into a report, for example, you can get your market position and trends from your own business development team or from sales team convert it into a report and make it as a post.

4.Do survey

You can get some good content by publishing survey reports.

For example content marketing Institute and Marketing Profs together conducted an online survey about content marketing.

They collected thousands of response, converted those responses into reports and published it as a post.

5.Invite Guest Bloggers

Bloggers always want to increase the number of backlinks to their post so having “Guest submit” tab on your website could bring you number of articles.

For example : If you are a digital marketing institute you can expect posts from bloggers writing about social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing.

Inviting bloggers to write for your site will ultimately reduce your blogging cost and could publish some original quality contents.

These five tips could really help you to get some free content for your company’s blog.

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If you know any other techniques please comment down I will add it up.


How to find popular blog’s WordPress theme and plugins?

There are few cumbersome techniques to find the popular blog’s WordPress theme and plugins but here I am going to share the easiest way to find those with a single click.

We always want to design our website or blogs as a leader in the market for example if you are running a content marketing blog then you would like to design your blog like Neil Patel (but unfortunately his design is customized with JS) because he is successful.

So here I am sharing a simple technique to find your rival or friend’s WP theme and plugins.

There are two popular sites to find it


Here you can find themes and plugins in a single click .

All you have to do is to enter the site URL and check it.

It gives the “Theme name and plugins installed on the site”

popular blog’s WordPress theme and plugins

It also functions like the above one but here the results are somewhat detailed and picturised.

I tested for SocialTalky.com and here you can witness the report.

popular blog’s WordPress theme and plugins

Another technique is to  find on the source code page by searching (ctrl+F) for plugins.

Note : If the WordPress themes and plugins are hidden by the site owner then you cannot access those details.

To hide your site the simple technique is to install and activate HideMySite plugin.

By knowing themes and plugins of third party sites you can learn the advanced software and techniques they are using but you cannot make any changes on this.

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Make money from URL Shortener shorte.st

Url shorteners are not only a handful tool to hide your affiliate link and make an extra-long post on twitter but also you can make money from URL shorteners.

Don’t you believe me?

Continue… reading…

Not all the URL shorteners are giving you an opportunity to make money but shorte.st an awesome tool to help bloggers and active social profiles click to signup

How does shorte.st work?
It works like this

Simple first you need to create an account on shorte.st and then shorten the URL you want to share it on the internet.

free marketing tools
Click to signup

Then share the shortened URL on social media, whenever your followers or connections click the link before directing to the landing page they will be shown an ad.

So based on the number of views you make you get paid.

To understand better I explain with a practical example.

The following link is shortened which will direct you to land on Free marketing tools for small business but before you land ,you will be shown an ad just click “skip the ad” and then move on to my page.

How can you make money?

If you find something interesting or useful you are sharing this with your friends and networks but why don’t you monetize the link you share.

Whenever you share an article or YouTube videos on social Medias you get paid on the number of views.

Tip: People will like to view articles or videos from influencers, you can find such articles from popular websites and share it with your networks.

How much you can make?

It entirely depends on the effort you are putting and your network strength, the more you share the more you get.

Increase your follower base or connections to increase your revenue.

People are making some good money from URL shorteners believe and work on it.

For Bloggers: You can monetize all the links on your website if you are using WordPress then exclusive plugins available for URL shortening.



For bloggers

Statistics : A simple and insightful report on the number of  views and income generated through that .Categorized on website scripts,Short links and Referrals.


You have three options to get paid

Paypal, Webmoney and Payoneer and the threshold vary for each method.

Payment also varies based on the location your viewers are from.

Try with confidence and you could definitely make some good money.

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