When is it time to upgrade to dedicated hosting?

Hosting is one crucial element when it comes to having a website. It  is what can make or break a website. But there is one comment question that arrives: When is it time to upgrade to a better hosting solution? 

Well first of all, as you already know there are several options. The upgrade is usually not a big jump, meaning website owners don’t usually switch from free hosting or shared hosting to a dedicated hosting right away. 

The superior option is of course a dedicated server. This article will answer the question when to change to it.  

What is dedicated hosting or server?

A single-user architecture means that only you will be using and owning the server. You don’t share resources with any of your web hosting provider’s other clients. This is one of the main difference that makes dedicated hosting or dedicated server different from other hosting options.

Large quantities of storage are available on dedicated servers to support business websites or applications. Additionally, the primary and secondary disks provide enough space for full file backups, preventing the loss of vital corporate data. It is the best hosting solution currently available on the market.

There are many hosting companies that offer dedicated plans, which makes it hard to choose. Luckily there are websites such as hostadvice that rate and review hosting providers, so if you need help deciding, you should visit their site. 

When do you need to upgrade?

Stop sharing resources 

You become dependent on others when you share server resources. 

For instance, it can expose your website to security threats when other users become are experiencing hacking attacks. 

Additionally, if you share an IP address, your website may be subject to  censorship. When a different website on the server sends out spam emails or malicious software, it might potentially affect how your emails are delivered. 

Upgrading to a dedicated hosting plan will spare you a lot of misery if you can’t stand being a collateral damage. 

Too much additional cost

If you pay more for additional hosting features, such as storage and memory, you should consider changing you hosting solution entirely. It depends what solution you have, but if you are using cloud hosting or VPS, your next move is to find a dedicated server for your website. It will initially cost you some money, but if you do the math you will end up paying less in th long term.

You want full customization

You have total control over your server administration with a dedicated server.

The server may be modified to meet your needs. It enables you to install your favourite applications, customize the RAM and CPU according to your needs, and set up the operating system of your choosing.

Additionally, a dedicated server provides complete root access, enabling you to customize your hosting experience as desired.

Higher security 

Utilizing a dedicated server to gain total control over security is one great benefit. Avoid taking the chance that a significant failure may occur because of a different customer’s lack of security procedures.

You have control over the operating system, so you can easily install additional safety measures.  The security mechanisms on dedicated hosting services are also PCI certified, enabling you to handle and store sensitive data in a safe manner.

This top-notch business security shields your website from DDoS assaults and other online threats.

Too much traffic 

When your traffic statistics start to progressively rise, you might choose to upgrade to a dedicated server to protect your website against unforeseen traffic spikes.

The horrible server error screen that appears frequently when one of the postings goes viral is a regular issue for website owners. But make sure the hosting package you select won’t limit the amount of traffic that your website may receive.


Dedicated server is an expensive investment that is not the best option for every website owner. Even if you have a budget, you should take a look at your website needs and decide if dedicated hosting is right for you. If you are experiencing lower performance, security threats or you have additional costs you need to pay in order to get better features, you might need dedicated server. 

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