Private Instagram Profiles

4 Ways To View Private Instagram Profiles Anonymously

There are two types of accounts on Instagram; private and public accounts. Public account holders allow anyone who visits or comes across them to view their personal profile and other information. 

On the other hand, a private account has the ability to keep its profile secure and personal. Hence, their details aren’t open to the public. Usually, to view a private account profile, you must follow the user account. However, there are other ways you can view private Instagram profiles anonymously. 

1. Use A Third-Party Application

There are a lot of third-party apps that you can use to view private Instagram profiles anonymously. These apps have made it very easy and stress-free to achieve this. They can be used to access private accounts without leaving any footprint behind. 

With third-party apps, you can view profiles, stories, and other posts of private Instagram users. To cap it, you’d do this successfully while hiding who you are! Check web pages like The Small Business Blog for more information on how you can view Instagram stories anonymously.

2. Search For The Account’s Details On An Online Search Engine

The web is a space that has information on almost everything you can think of. One way to view a person’s private Instagram profile is to search for their username on an online search engine. It might yield results that includes some of the photos, captions, or videos.

This method doesn’t always work for all private account users. This would especially work for users that are popular on the internet. A few pictures and other content would pop up and you don’t have to follow them.

3. Create A New Instagram Profile

It’s excellent news that Instagram allows you to open and use more than one account on the same phone. That means you can switch across multiple accounts without any hitches at all. To view a private Instagram profile without being caught, you have to create a new profile with a fake name, a profile picture that’s clearly not you, and a new email address to sign up with. Remember, all these details shouldn’t be anything that can be linked to you. 

Submit a request to follow the account you’re interested in and wait for a response. This is one of the easiest ways you can go through because it saves you a lot of stress, and you can view as much as you desire if your request is accepted. More importantly, you get to do this anonymously without being caught. All you need is for the private user to accept your request, and you become one of their Instagram followers.

4. Use Instagram Viewer Sites

Searching online for the username of the private account will help, but there are Instagram viewer sites that have been designed for this specific purpose. They’ve made it easy to view a private account`s profile without being caught. Plus, they don’t require any extra payment, complicated steps, or requirements. 

Some sites even have chatrooms where you can discuss anonymously with other unknown users. All you have to do is log in to these sites, locate the search icon, and type in the username of the private account you want to view. The users’ profiles and almost every piece of detail you want to see will pop up. You can scroll through them and view their posts and comments incognito.

The Best Way To View A Private Instagram Account

Just as its name implies, a private Instagram account was created to be private and personal. Owning a private account will grant you the privilege of content control and safety.

It’s said that the best way to view a private Instagram profile is to follow the account. This might defeat the aim of anonymity, but you’ll get to view the pieces of content that the person you’re following without sneaking or hiding. Hit the ‘Follow’ button on the app or website and wait for the user to accept your follow request. This is the best and most legitimate way to view a private Instagram profile. 


Social media platforms’ purposes have gone beyond mere entertainment these days. Instagram now has millions of users whose businesses thrive on how well they use the app. There are several reasons why you may want to view any account anonymously, especially a private account. But the best way to view a private account’s profile is by simply following them. If you want to remain anonymous, you could create a fake account, search for their username online, or employ third-party Instagram viewing sites and apps.

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