10 Valuable Tips for Nurses Making Career Shifts In 2022

Unarguably, nursing is a rewarding profession and a career worth studying for in the 21st century. Studies indicate that healthcare practitioners are the most popular individuals in the country. But you cannot deny how nursing can often be a mentally and physically challenging responsibility that requires your constant attention and multitudes of sacrifices.

So, what if some nurses wish to change their careers? It’s possible (and often better) for nurses to reskill/upskill themselves and switch to non-clinical specializations. Here, we have described some tips for nurses looking forward to making career shifts this year.

If you’re wondering how RNs can switch careers, now’s your chance to learn everything.

How can RNs switch careers today?

Are you unhappy with your nursing vocation? If the response is affirmative, then you’re not alone. Today, many nurses are considering leaving their occupations and switching to somewhere less demanding. The pandemic has also made some nurses disgruntled with their responsibilities.

Reports show how RNs are underpaid, overworked, and refused essentials (e.g., PPE). Even before COVID-19, almost 50% of RNs considered opting for non-clinical roles. But how do you prepare for a career shift in 2022? Nurses can follow the below-mentioned suggestions to make this career shift. Read our list carefully and act upon our instructions faithfully.

1. Consider the reasons

Why do you wish to make a career shift right now? Most RNs feel they’re underpaid and overworked, because of which a career change has become imperative for them. And so, you may consider a career where they’re paying you more.

For instance, search on GooglePsych NP salary,” and you’ll realize that these experts make more than $131,000 a year. These higher salaries have motivated many RNs to switch careers, enhance their education, and serve individuals battling mental illnesses.

2. Show some discretion

Maintain discretion while planning your career change. Avoid sharing your schemes with colleagues and only make trusted people your confidants. You don’t wish to alert your employer that you want to leave. So, take search-related calls away from your employer’s ears.

Likewise, don’t make overtly fictitious excuses about why you need a day off for the interview. You don’t need to explain to them how you are looking for a career change. Just stay cautious about keeping this a secret while you’re fishing.

3. Make a list

Consider your career-related options. Are you planning to leave healthcare completely or switch to non-clinical positions? Nurses must ensure they’ve properly prepared for their transition before leaving their careers. Research several of these vocations and evaluate your qualifications. If you’re willing to practice healthcare, make a list of medical fields where you may stay for a long time.

That’s how this transition can become successful. So, assess your future and carefully decide which career is right for you.

4. Assess your career

By now, you’ve decided which career is suitable for you. But for which job are you suitable? In other words, which career matches your capabilities? Everybody’s personality matches certain roles; therefore, you may leverage career assessment tools to learn about your career options.

Additionally, you can consider taking some career tests to evaluate your competency for certain roles. Figure out which jobs seem the best for a person of your skills. After that, you may wish to match your skills with these roles.

5. Build your network

A recent survey indicates that one-third of nurses in 2022 will leave their clinical jobs for several reasons, including burnout. So, you can reach out to those coworkers who are also planning to switch careers.

Likewise, you must leverage every networking opportunity and attend every alumnus gathering to meet like-minded individuals. It helps learn about jobs before they’re even posted online. Establish a powerful network and contact your past associates.

6. Review your resume

Does your resume look interesting enough for future employers? Create an impressive CV that describes you as an employee by explaining your qualities and previous accomplishments. What’s more, you can create a professional-looking resume online now using a resume builder.

Updating your resume allows you to remove anything that doesn’t help you get the job. Also, you can add some more features to this document.

7. Match your skills

Which skills are indispensable for your future career? Nurses must consider the possibility of their future careers demanding a different combination of medical qualities. So, you must match your skills and ensure that you’re well-prepared for this transition.

Remember that different careers demand “soft skills” you should adopt to demonstrate your competency for that occupation. That’s how nurses can prepare themselves to make a career change in 2022.

8. Hone your skills

Matching your skills can help you realize which qualities are demanded by your future employer. So, you must enhance your medical understanding and master the required “soft skills” for the job. Commit to developing these qualities in yourself and improve your proficiency for the desired career.

Also, pursue online courses that allow RNs to hone their abilities and prepare for a career change. Online courses help you pick up these “soft skills.” Besides, you can’t progress without honing your skills properly.

9. Prepare and apply

As COVID ranges, RNs are increasingly leaving this profession. Statistics have shown that 18% of RNs have quit nursing since the emergence of coronavirus. So, you can guess how the competition rises steadily for any nurse wanting to switch careers. That’s why it’s important to study, prepare, and get ready for the job.

After you’ve applied, practice for the upcoming interview. However, stay away from underperforming at the job you’re leaving. Leave behind a good impression.

10. Give the interview

In the end, you’re giving the interview and hoping to get selected among several other candidates. Here every nurse must hone their interviewing capabilities.

How to impress the interviewer? Well, a nurse should research before appearing for an interview. Prepare your talking points and respond to every question properly. Ask some questions of your own and refrain from badmouthing your previous boss.


We’ve established that nurses today are considering changing their careers and escaping the burnout that has become an inevitable result of being a nurse. But how can you prepare yourself for a sudden career change in 2022? We suggest you consider the reason why switching career is beneficial to you. Likewise, make a list of possible vocations you’re good at and match your skills with these professions.

Moreover, you’ll have to hone your skills to become eligible for these vocations. Review your resume while being discrete about your plans. Leverage your network to apply for your chosen career. Prepare for the interview and get ready for a new professional journey.

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