Shipping Your Freight: 5 Types Of Trailers A Trucking Company Uses

Numerous trailers are on the road nowadays, making it challenging to discern which is most suitable for shipping your freight. Choosing the right trailer will save you money and ensure safe freight transport. So be sure to make the right decision.

If you are looking for a trucking company near you, this article breaks down the 5 most common trailers and their usage. Read on to discover which trailer best suits your needs.

1. Flatbed Trailers

Due to their versatility, flatbeds are the most commonly used trailers. They are designed to be loaded from the rear, top, and side, making them a common asset in the trucking industry. If you want to haul construction materials, timber, and open-air cargo, this trailer is the most suitable solution due to its open back and sides.

Further, you can transport a weight not exceeding 8 feet, 6 inches, and a maximum recommended weight of 48000 pounds. However, you can still carry more than this weight because the trailer doesn’t have a container. Ensure you obtain the necessary permits and follow the proper routes.

2. Step Deck Trailers

These trailers are also referred to as drop-deck trailers. A flatbed trailer has a top and bottom neck to transport cargo that cannot be handled by the usual trailer. Consider a step-deck trailer if you want to hire a trucking company for your farm produce, building materials, and machinery below 10 feet.

3. Extendable Flatbed

Also referred to as flatbed stretch trailers, these trailers have been made to haul freight that is too long for any standard trailer. In addition, the trailer is designed to support cargo so that overhanging doesn’t occur.

The middle portion is usually extended from its original length of approximately 38 feet to a maximum length of around 65 feet. If you intend to haul cargo that exceeds the legal length limits, this trailer is the most suitable option.

4. Stretch Single Drop Deck

Similar to the extendable Flatbed, this trailer has been designed to ferry cargo too long to be hauled by a standard trailer. It is also intended to provide additional support as well as prevent overhang. In addition, it allows for over-length cargo and loads that exceed the height limit.

5. Double Drop

Commonly referred to as a lowboy, this trailer tends to be closer to the ground than any other trailer you can find. Due to this, double drop trailers are the ideal trucks for oversized cargo. In essence, you can load products more than 10 feet tall due to the extended trailer in the middle alongside a front and back deck.

It is worth noting that the maximum height of any freight that a double drop can carry is 11 feet, 6 inches. To that end, this trailer is a practical solution for a company transporting large cargo.

Simplify The Transportation Of Your Freight With A Personal Approach

Hopefully, you now better understand the most common types of trailers available. It only makes the most sense to weigh your options and pinpoint which trailer best fits your needs. Also, ensure that you keep your cargo’s capacity, budget, and length in mind before enlisting the services of a trucking company.

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