Top 5 Customer Acquisition Techniques in 2022

Marketing is one of the greatest challenges facing small businesses. They usually don’t have the revenue to use traditional methods nor the expertise to take advantage of digital marketing in the fullest sense. The key to effective marketing isn’t spending a lot of money, though. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a social media savant to make traction through digital marketing.

The most important thing to prioritize in marketing is meeting your target consumer where they are. You should strive to make it easier for potential customers to see your brand and buy your products. Continue reading to get some tips that will bolster your marketing efforts.

1. Get a vanity number

Even though people love to shop online these days, ordering by phone is still one of the most popular ways for consumers to make purchases. If you don’t have customers ringing your line, it could be that your phone number isn’t memorable enough.

One of the benefits of having a 1800 number is that they aren’t bound to a specific region, greatly increasing the chances of getting calls from all over the United States. Furthermore, it’s a toll-free number, even for people calling long distance from a landline.

If you want to make your phone number even more memorable, go for a vanity number such as a toll-free number that incorporates the name of your business. By providing callers with a free number that’s memorable, you can greatly increase your volume of callers and, therefore, revenue.

2. Develop a mobile app to make your products and services more accessible

As mentioned before, most people place at least some of their orders online nowadays. Mobile apps make it to where they can access their favorite products and services from their mobile device with the press of a button.

Mobile apps are the most convenient way for customers to purchase goods. Invest in an app that’s easy to use and is attractive. The sales you drive on your mobile app will be well worth the investment.

3. Utilize content marketing to increase visibility

Another way to increase your eCommerce sales is to concentrate on content marketing. Content marketing is all about creating captivating material for digital platforms to help people learn about your industry.

Finding your niche is one of the most important steps in content marketing. You need to be informational and engaging at the same time. You also have to find a way to set yourself apart from all the other content marketers online. However, it’s also important to be yourself and remain authentic.

4. Make personal connections on social media

Social media has become the best way to form bonds with potential customers. Not only is social media marketing free, but it’s also effective.

To make traction with social media marketing, you have to consistently post content. Feel free to use humor to connect with your audience. It’s also important to engage people who comment on your posts as these types of interactions can significantly increase your conversion rate.

5. Use big data to get to know your consumer base

The more you know about your consumer base, the easier it is to create products, promotions, and marketing campaigns that win them over. That’s why companies have turned to big data to get actionable insights into consumer behavior.

The key is doing your research to find the best and easiest to use data science tools. You want to find a data science platform that was designed with business users in mind. With tools like predictive analytics, data visualization, and prescriptive analytics, you get a picture of the consumer psyche that you can use to optimize everything from the customer experience to business operations.

Creating a marketing strategy that focuses on optimizing the customer experience can greatly increase your customer base. Using a vanity number, learning effective social media and content marketing practices, and utilizing big data insights are great ways to attract customers. When you have an effective strategy, you don’t need a massive marketing budget.

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