Tips for Making More Money From Your Startup Salon

There are quite a few things to think about when you run a barbershop or salon. Keeping your clients and staff happy can be a monumental task that takes up your entire day! Owners of salons need to take a good look at their finances and begin saving for the future as soon as possible if they want long-term success. 

Let’s take a quick look at a few ways to increase your profitability. 

Reduce Overhead

It’s important that you trim away anything that eats too much into your profits. Each year, take a look at all of your overhead items and find anywhere that you might be doing unnecessary spending. Also, check to ensure that you’re getting the best prices on your fixed costs, like insurance and energy bills. 

Salon Management Software

Another thing you can do to increase your profits is to get good salon management software. Some of these programs can even launch loyalty and membership programs so that you can increase your sales. Some of them allow clients to schedule appointments on Instagram, Google, or your website, and they can reduce no-shows by sending automated messages to remind them of appointments. They can also be used to advertise any new offerings you have and keep your clients coming back by utilizing email marketing. 


Look at marketing costs as an investment. You can promote your startup salon on various websites. You might also run commercials on TV or radio and make videos for YouTube and Tik Tok. It’s critical that your salon is in front of as many people as it can possibly be. Produce content that will engage people and make them stop whatever they’re doing and pay attention.

Grow Your Client List

The best way to generate more profit is really rather simple. You just need to get more clients into your establishment and then keep them. While the cost of getting more clients might be high, you’ll need to focus on marketing or on special offers in order to get more people through your doors. 

Expanding the services offered by your salon can also be helpful in attracting new clients. As an example, have you considered evaluating the demand for the newer vegan salon treatments in the area? You might even want to survey the clients you already have in order to gauge interest in a variety of new services and to gain feedback on any other treatments you might offer. 

Increase What Clients Spend

In addition to increasing the number of clients you have, you can also increase the amount they spend while they’re there. Your most loyal clients will be most likely to spend a bit more with you, so building relationships with each and every client is vital. 

You also should remember that salon retail sales are a critical revenue stream. For spas and beauty salons, the average in the industry is that 5% of their revenue comes from retail sales. Set a target for sales and train your staff so that they can assist with achieving those goals. Think about putting a bit of time into the merchandising of the salon’s retail products so they’re as attention-getting and attractive to your clients as possible. 

Every aspect of running a salon feels particularly uncertain in the financial climate we currently have. As the industry continues to rebuild itself after the COVID-19 era, many owners of salons are wondering how to improve the profitability of their businesses. 

With the tips you’ve just read here, you might be able to continue growing during these turbulent times. Salon management software, reducing your overhead, focusing on marketing, growing your client list and increasing what they spend will all assist you in reaching your business goals.

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