Thoughtful and Personalized Gifts for Your Closest Friends

Did you know that about 68% of Americans enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them? If you’re one of them, then you should get personalized presents for friends!

Whether you are buying presents for a birthday, holiday, or Christmas, these DIY gift ideas are a terrific choice for them to feel special. So, pile up your craftwork supplies and make one of these customized friend gifts. Also, you can do a few of these with your friends to enjoy more quality time.

Read on as we give you some thoughtful and personalized gift ideas for your friends.

Scrap Wood Frame Personalized Friend Portrait 

Are you looking for personalized gifts for best friends? Picture frames are a fantastic gift, and it’s an easy, rustic present that will mean a lot. These are neat and famous these days. 

Your friend will be emotional with a customized-illustrated picture of the two of you. Add a stylish wood picture frame with some message, and your presents for friends are ready. 

If you want to go for a more modern piece of art, you can get a friends forever digital art piece!

Personalized Bath Bombs

DIY bath products make unique friendship gifts. For example, homemade lavender bath bombs smell great for relaxation. However, you can always choose your friend’s favorite essential oil in making these. 

DIY Kitchen Spices

If your friend loves baking and likes to eat clean, DIY vanilla extract can be an exciting gift.

Of course, you can also make homemade lemon-infused olive oil. Doesn’t that blend of spices look and sound amazing?

It’s the ideal personalized gift if your friend loves experimenting or cooking with flavors. 

Glittery Wine Glass 

The glittery wine glass looks exciting and fancy. It’s an effortless way to transform regular glass into flashy elegance. All you need is a mod podge, masking tape, a paintbrush, and glitters. However, it’s vital to remember that this requires a 30-day cure time. 

If you’re gifting them for Christmas, you better start now for cure time to become dishwasher safe. Tape off the masking tape in any way you want the glitter will be. Brush the glass with mod podge to where you want, pour the glitter, and remove the masking tape while it’s still wet.

Custom-made Sharpie Mugs

Sharpie mug is one easy-to-make gift for best friends. There are many different ways to personalize and decorate them in your style. Another extra fun is to fill them up with any goodies. 

Personalized Friendship Kit

Remember forming friendship bracelets? We used to pin the endings to the pants and clod around bags of various color threads.

By making a personalized kit to keep all in one place, you may not need safety pins anymore. You can also personalize the clipboard with fantastic papers that correspond to your friend’s nature.

DIY Room Spray

It’s a brilliant idea if you have a collection of perfume samples. Mix essential oils and distilled water and have a lovely homemade room spray gift. You can add lemon, lavender, grapefruit, or any essential oil that makes it smell amazing.

Time to Get Your Personalized Presents For Friends 

These different ideas above are lovely presents for friends. These personalized gift ideas can be for best friends, family, teachers, and neighbors.

Homemade gifts are personal, fun, and usually cheap and budget-friendly. Doing them with your best friend can be the best way to hang together and have fun.

Need more ideas for fun and unique gifts? Browse through the rest of our guides to learn more!

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